Microsoft: Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS in history, over 90 million licenses sold

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Mar 4, 2010
  1. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    Wow, are you going to be dissapointed when its nothing like windows 7. its more vista than 7.
  2. Decimae

    Decimae TS Rookie Posts: 78

    Windows 7 is currently one of the best gamers OS's(with XP), and also one of the os's that runs the average program(with XP). Though this might change as soon as steam gets upgraded with linux support, also for me.
  3. Clrabbit

    Clrabbit TS Rookie Posts: 90

    You know for all the old vista bashing that happens, I never had an issue with it, infect on my Old AMD 64 system it went from NOT being able to run titian quest on XP, to being able to play at good speeds with a 1GB Ready boost USB stick, using only 512MB ram. Really all the old games I played when Vista came out ALL ran faster and better on Vista 64xUlt + 1GB Ready boost then they did on XP.

    Now I have 8GB RAM and haven't bought a ready boost CF for Win7 but It's on my list of things to buy, I'd like to see what Win7 can do with 3x8GB high speed USB keys and 1x16GB High speed CF card.

    I do have to say with 8GB Ram + 1GB CF Ready Boost I LOVE the way Win7 uses ram. I get a little slow down when the system has to clear ram for big rarely used programs but for all normal uses it's pretty sweet Photoshop loads in 3secs. Can't wait to see how it handles 40GB of Ready boost :)
  4. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    With all those cheesy ads and the fact that there were lots of people were still on XP waiting to upgrade, the sales figures are hardly surprising. It would be interesting to see the level of adoption in the business world though, and if and when that takes off then M$ can really start counting their chickens.
  5. zaidpirwani

    zaidpirwani TS Rookie Posts: 74

    It is the best thing after XP, though I also like Ubuntu 9.10....
  6. zaidpirwani

    zaidpirwani TS Rookie Posts: 74

    It is the best thing after XP, though I also like Ubuntu 9.10....
  7. DoomsD

    DoomsD TS Rookie

    I just bought Win 7 upgrade for my laptop that currently runs vista and is startin to slow down. Hopefully it will give a new lease of life, more than a fresh install will.

    Its good that the requirred spec is the same as Vista which is wierd for a new OS but then I guess its pretty simliar.

    I hoping there are some major differences though other wise you kind of feel it should have been a SP for Vista rather than a new OS.
  8. DoomsD

    DoomsD TS Rookie


    I have heard that businesses are going to start odobting Win 7 and leaving XP which is about time I guess.

    I does leave the feeling that someone really dropped the ball with Vista though and its was almost a beta for Win7
  9. thatguyandrew92

    thatguyandrew92 TS Rookie Posts: 118

    I loved XP, Vista, and 7.
  10. Kovach

    Kovach TS Rookie Posts: 44

    Microsoft finaly got idea- let's make something that will work and that is worth of that money (like was not a case with Vista). Xp was one of the best Windows OS made. I think that Win 7 has a bright future.
  11. njmarkham

    njmarkham TS Rookie

    I bought my copy when it first came out 64-bit and can't fault it at all. Just need an SSD to take advantage of such a good os.

    Any one know of how to costimize Win7 without paying out for WindowsBlinds?
  12. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    Hate to tell you but Windows 7 is Windows version 6.1, Vista was 6.0. Personally I've been running a full retail version for the last 4 months. Very glad I bought the last family upgrade pack in all south western ontario (at least it seemed that way).
  13. mattfrompa

    mattfrompa TS Evangelist Posts: 553   +57

    I have been using Windows 7 since the beta and it has shown significant improvement, especially in comparison to Vista(with or without service packs). I was fortunate enough to avoid the high prices being in college during the release, and having access to an MSDNA account. And of course there was the $30 deal for those with a .edu account. I was also a Launch party host, and attended a an Instance of The New Efficiency program. Oddly enough, participation in one of these did not disqualify me for any others. So I may have a copy of windows 7 or two laying around : ) With all that said, I don't believe any single OS will be able to suit the entire worlds needs in the best way (or even one company) and I am glad to see the success of Linux and Mac. Even though my current preferred choices for desktops are XP and 7.
  14. fref

    fref TS Enthusiast Posts: 153

    My desktop computer and laptop are both happily running Windows 7 now, and I really like it. But what's even better is that my employer is also making the switch to Windows 7, and I was among the first to receive a brand new workhorse running the new OS! I was getting tired of running IE6 on XP at work.
  15. Serag

    Serag TS Booster Posts: 181

    The fact that I didn't upgrade to Vista and stayed with xp makes me hesitated about upgrading to 7,
    Because I thought the UI of Vista is a bit annoying and I'm afraid I would have a while to get used to it since it's almost the same on 7.
  16. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,662   +1,096

    I have windows 7 at my laptop and also at the my work PC. It's really great and i love it. A few glitches here and there, but i'm sure that SP1 will fix them.
  17. klpowell

    klpowell TS Rookie Posts: 19

    I have upgraded all of my PC's to Win 7. I have a Dell M31 laptop that is 4 years old and it works much better under Windows 7 than it did when it came with XP from the factory. I have recommend all of my clients upgrade and have had no complaints. It really is a good OS and it is about time!
  18. satty

    satty TS Rookie Posts: 27

    I think the rise of number of computer users also factor for this(record seller history always updates in film industry for instance)
  19. compdata

    compdata TechSpot Paladin Posts: 529   +7

    It is funny how similar Win 7 and Vista are at the core, but how big a difference a couple small changes can make to usability and reliability. Probably the best item is actually making sure that there is sufficient driver support from hardware manufacturers ;-)
  20. nazartp

    nazartp TS Enthusiast Posts: 178   +12

    Nothing but good to say about W7. Tried an RC on newly assembled computer for my son, was pretty happy and got a family pack. Now runs on three desktops in the house without any problems. I was particularly happy how it handled the existence of network printer and NAS in the house.

    However, I still don't get Vista bashing. I had it on my own desktop and was pretty happy with it. The only reason I upgraded was the fact that I needed a new license for my son's computer and bought the family pack anyway.
  21. natefalk

    natefalk TS Rookie Posts: 78

    My Home PC is a Windows 7 PC and I would choose 7 over XP anyday. I work in IT and the problem we are having with the upgrade is that some of our Legacy software is not supported and the majority of our computer hardware does not support virtualization/XP Mode. Long story short the upgrade to 7 is very costly for most businesses and in this economy it's a tough sell...

    That being said it makes me wonder who is driving the sales, businesses or customers?
    "our customers have made it the fastest selling operating system in history."
    I'd bet the free beta program alone is responsible for the increased sales. If you see something that is free it's too hard to resist giving it a try. Once you try Win7 it's hard to go back to XP. It's like going back to PS2 after playing PS3, not too many people will downgrade.
  22. Viandroto

    Viandroto TS Rookie

    I never even used Windows Vista, because I knew it was sort of the beta/alpha of Windows 7 (or whatever they deemed to call the new OS)... I switched to the RC and fell in love with it... Other than maybe a few features like asking me if I want said program to access the system. That had to go. I definitely love using Aero, and to be able to slide a window to the side and have it conform into half it's size it such a great feature.
  23. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    i'm looking forward for a future purchase too, just wandering how many illegal copies got downloaded too LOL.

    it's good, it shows that good work & ad campaign pays off.

  24. thebluemeaner

    thebluemeaner TS Rookie Posts: 64

    using 7 ultimate x64...never going back to xp...ever...
  25. avdheshbansal

    avdheshbansal TS Rookie

    i don't think windows 7 is really good enough to be the fastest selling OS in history. XP is still the best... fast, featured, secured(security lies in the hands of the user).
    Do u really think that windows 7 would still sell as much over XP if microsoft :-
    1) Provides continued support for windows XP
    2) DirectX 10 & 11 support
    3) allows XP licences for preinstalled OS in laptops etc,

    Yes windows 7 is far better than windows vista, but still not good enough in comparison to XP to tempt me into buying one, given the amount of resources it consumes.
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