Microsoft: Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS in history, over 90 million licenses sold

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After xp and Vista, Win7 is a breath of fresh air. I have not run across any bugs and even with it's considerable size, it runs quite fast! Using the 'God Mode' (also found in Vista) makes fine-tuning a snap. I don't know where the name "Windows 7" originated, but it's the closest thing to a 10 since 2000.


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I like Windows 7 but still think Vista got a bad rap too soon. Once Vista is patched and tweaked a bit its just as good as 7. Vista in 2010 is a fine OS.


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I did the RC thing, but bought the license the day it was released. Terrific OS...what Vista should have been and more. I've had absolutely zero issues with it and the functionality is awesome.


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if we see same things over over then we get monotonous so the user need new things or something advance than XP......their wants is tried to fulfilled by M$ with vista but can't satisfied to tech here we have another new and modified v of M$.....its a lollipop.....lets it suck....


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burty117 said:
Wow, are you going to be dissapointed when its nothing like windows 7. its more vista than 7.
Server 2008 is the vista version, but 2008 R2 is the windows 7 version, and the one I have.


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I own pc's with Windows XP, Vista, Ubuntu, and now just bought a laptop with Windows 7. Though Windows 7 seems a little better than Vista, no reason to spend the money to upgrade right away. Though Microsoft did add some new features which I like, there are other things they still left the same. I just read that Windows 7 is being plagued with random freezes and memory leaks.

I am not suggesting not upgrade, just don't upgrade right away and wait awhile longer or until the next service pack.


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It will be interesting if Microsoft eventually launches a Windows platform with essentially a Linux/UNIX based kernel. They wouldn't be dealing with as many security flaws as they do now, even with UAC active which is a gigantic improvement for them.


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I must admit.

Windows 7 is great.
I think maybe Vista was a decoy for some extra quick cash. (sorta joking)

My dislike and distrust of Apple (MacOS) is growing as my love for Microsoft is growing, but my passion and deep interest still lies in linux. :)


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I grabbed one of the $50 upgrade copies, but it's still in its shrinkwrap. I'm planning on building a system this summer, and want to avoid the hassle of two clean installs.


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I guess it's not surprising considering XP is nearing obsolescence, and many users were not satisfied with Vista.


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Hopfuly Micro$oft will get the message,
Vista = Disappointing Pile of Crap = No Money!
7 = Good = You get my money


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Win 7 x64

I been using the released product since the first week of release, in this case Windows 7 x64 Home Premium and I'm quite happy with it.


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I've experienced using Windows 7 in one of my friend's pc, it's a great and user-friendly operating system, the whole feature is nice for average users.


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I don't think is worth the extra money since is an old computer, better save that for your new build, well that's what I think.


no i won't be getting windows 7. i ran the RC for a year and its new 'features' i don't use, it's way overpriced for what you get over vista, the new task bar sucks, it's colors and backgrounds are lame and effeminate, vista runs great on my computer already and it even has directx 11. i don't get why all these people think 7 is so great it f%*cking blows! this is bullsh!t marketing for lemmings at its finest people.


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I am still on Windows XP and I don't plan to upgrade any time soon. I've tried Windows 7, and it's nice, but my Windows XP boots in less than 20 seconds. Now that's awesome.


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Vista was a flop and there are more people with Computers/ laptops than when XP was released. I am not Supriced by this news at all. I still on Vista, I will get 7 when I next upgrade hardware at end of this year.


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I pre-ordered Win7 Pro after using BETA 7077. Ive not looked back at XP ive had no problems. Just need a new to replace my HIS ATI 4790 x2 for a new ATI DX11 compatiable card.

The problem with VISTA was it had a bad rep from the beginning with being slow/not compatiable with hardware. I had to fix many friends/family PC and laptops after just crashing or work around issues with hardware which wasnt particulary old but didnt work as it should of. I borrowed a copy of vista off a friend to see if it was as bad as people said.The PC crashed and I couldnt repair Windows. I was back on XP within 8 hours.

People didnt want to touch it and most PCs had to be upgraded to it wasnt being taken up by companies.

The company I work for will be rolling out Win7 to clients shortly, they didnt even think about using vista.


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90 million legit copies, yet Bethesda refuses to support Fallout 3 on Windows 7. What really burns me (besides almost wasting $50) is that even though virtually all new PCs come with Windows 7, they continue to sell Fallout 3 with no warnings that it may not work.


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My computer is a year old (2.4 quad, 8 gigs ram, 512 graphics) and it came with vista 64. I found it to be choppy and while not slow, not near as fast as it should of been. After i put 7 ultimate on it all i can say is OMG!! My computer runs like a dream now. Could go on and on about everything that i love on 7, but i will spare you. Just know that 7 outshines anything i had ever hoped for.


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OK, Class Come to Order........

Is there anybody here that thinks that Vista WASN'T the beta of Windows 7?

M$ seem to have a habit of releasing a clunker OS from time to time. Methinks it's to boost sales of their next version, while attempting to compensate for rising cost in employee benefit packages, most notably the rise in health care premiums . So now, everybody says, "wow", this is so much better than Vista. Of course it is, it is after all, what Vista should have been.

For an improved overview of this marketing technique, please try this at home kids; bang your head against the wall for a while, then see how good it feels when you stop.

Then, (if you still can), think back to "Windows ME", and ponder why that was called the "mistake edition".

Try to assess punishment or praise to M$ by evaluating how, and in what proportion, these two concepts, "guilt by association" and "improvement by comparison", apply to the Vista versus Windows 7 controversy.

For extra credit, write this childhood accusation 100 times, "yeah, you did that accidentally on purpose".

Thus endeth the lesson.


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Is there anybody here that thinks that Vista WASN'T the beta of Windows 7?

Then, (if you still can), think back to "Windows ME", and ponder why that was called the "mistake edition".
Wow, I may be the only person in the world who actually liked Windows ME! Or maybe that is just my brain justifying that i actually paid for it. But i never had any issues with reliability, compatibility, or anything else.
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