Microsoft's latest fix for Windows 10 breaks something else


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No and don't need to. However limited, I do understand software coding and am very aware that it can be written to allow for user customizations of all kinds without affecting stability or functionality.
To a certain degree you can tweak stuff and not break things but once you start messing with things like system services and deep diving into the registry you can run into issues.
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For me this:
Some Redditors write that performing searches via the Start menu brings up a blank window, while others say a Critical Error warning is informing them that 'Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.'
Is something that has happened at least during 2 updates years ago, and I was screwed because I never left anything on the desktop or start menu "Why? If I wan't to use Skype I simply type Sky... and search makes it happen".

I realized how much I rely on search on those 2 broken updates... took me forever to find a solution as well, it was reported everywhere but all the suggested fixes... sorry I'm just ranting now... I'll see myself out...