Microsoft's Xbox Music is coming to the web

David Tom

TS Addict
Microsoft may not exactly be a music powerhouse, but they have definitely ventured into this space before. Prior to 2010, the Zune was a well-recognized music player which was accompanied by the Zune Music Marketplace, home to over 11 million...

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TS Rookie
Does that mean I cant use the Zune Software anymore to listen to my music? I have to go on my Web Browser to listen to it???? If this is true then they is a major step back in the wrong direction.


TS Enthusiast
Yay. I'm going to drink a Zima while I play with my old Zune player, simultaneously playing on my brand-new X-Box One while downloading Windows 8.1.

Isn't there a third-party company who could (perhaps?!) just make both Microsoft and Apple look like the ***** clubs that they have become? Sony, maybe...?! (For gamers, this will be true -- but how about for content creators...?)