MilTube: a video-sharing site for the military


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The Department of Defense (DoD) needed a dynamic way to share videos of training, ceremonies, and news clips with soldiers around the world. Enter milTube, a website that allows the military workforce to share videos behind secure network firewalls. The site features channels, categories, and tags, so that users can easily watch, upload, sort, and search content. Since all activity takes place behind the DoD firewall, content is protected from unauthorized viewing and distribution, making milTube a safe military alternative to public video-sharing sites.

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A sneaky attempt at keeping more "Guantanamo Bay" videos from leaking in to the public realm in my opinion.

I shall be sticking with you tube and free press.


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.... Military Tube, I ask.. ¿What Kind of content will be hanged to this site?, Killing, War Videos..? and then they will be saying that Video games make people Violent.