Minecraft delayed, also coming to Xbox 360

By Emil · 178 replies
Jun 12, 2011
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  1. "Oh, please. Xbox Live already has Fortresscraft, which is an exact replica of Minecraft. What about PSN? We need an indie game." ~Guest

    Oh, please. Fortresscraft is NOTHING like Minecraft... You couldn't know because you obviously haven't either played Fortresscraft or Minecraft to be attempting to make a comparison between the two. And you obviously don't own an Xbox 360... I smell a Sony fanboy. GTFO.
  2. PSN Sucks, its for babies... Fortress craft doesnt have crafting
  3. I like minecraft anyway possible. I just love playing with others online and having war!! Cant wait till xbox comes out with minecraft!!!
  4. It's funny how a game could go november 11th 2011 then all the way to winter 2012! they said it would come out this month and next month now winter come on and $28 is alot for a arcade game thats 2006-2007 or older gears of war 3 is almost that much and by the time the game comes out it would be 4-6 years old!! i say thats way too much to be paying for a f*cking arcade sure its fun and addictive and there's so much to do but the price is simply way too much!
  5. yeah but fortress craft sucks and Notch probably picked xbox because it is superior to PS3 in every way and PSN has no indie games because no one wants to make their ow game for ps3
  6. Hey, so you think World of Warcraft was a waste of time ay? Well guess what Blizzard makes over 185m a month.... Plus people have to buy the game which is another 500m+ so think before you say and in a year they make around 2,230,000,000 billion dollars
  7. no psn sucks
  8. i truly doubt that a gforce 7900 can run bf3 and such games
  9. Okay. Fortresscraft isn't like minecraft. Does that mean its bad? No. I play it with my freind for 2hours+ at one time, and I don't get bored. It is basically Minecraft classic. No tools. Unlimited blocks. Nobody said anything about Fortresscraft haveing the workshop, which in turn, allows players to be even more creative. Custom chairs, t.v's, tables, etc. Total Miner is closer to Minecraft. Neither are bad games, but they both have downfalls.
  10. it great that mc is coming out on xbox 360 and it would work out you would get a lot of money from it and to make it beter put cars in it
  11. Fortresscraft is not like Minecraft that game is sh£$^& only a 5 year old would play it
    you cant craft you cant collet supllies you cant fight monsters and frees tag come on that for 5 year olds. you tell me
    if fortesscraft is not like minecraft if you like the game get a life
  12. Fortress craft SUCKS, we would like a GOOD minecraft game.
  13. Could say the same about anything that has ps3 or pc in it. Fanboys will do what they do best... No matter which one it is, just like they enjoy going to sites that have nothing to do with what they play on and bash them. Because they sadly have nothing better to do.
  14. It's supposedly coming out in march, but sony and Microsoft should stop fighting and team up to go against nintendo(there pretty good)
  15. ........ fortresscraft is nothing even close to minecraft. not even close, neither is total miner its just a shitty rip off of minecraft
  16. Why you be hatin? You must not be very good at Minecraft... I will agree with you on the topic of world of warcraft XP
  17. How can you say that dude. fortesscraft cannot compare much to minecraft
  18. I sense a disturbance in the Craft: people with poor grammar comparing FortressCraft with Minecraft... Troubling... I have an XBox, personally. I am happy that Minecraft is coming to my choice of console, and, aside from one or two users, am the most adult poster on this thread. No, the greatest sandbox is not coming to the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii, so stop complaining like children. Yes, I do enjoy taunting my friends and family with the fact that one of the most popular creative games among our society is exclusive to me and my kin. But mentioning World of Warcraft? Call of Duty? Battlefield? In a Minecraft thread? Oh, for shame... Okay, rant over.
    This grammatically correct rant was brought to you by The Grimm Reaper. Harvesting souls and ranting neutrally, so you don't have to.
  19. Total miner is almost exactly like minecraft and please put it on blackberry
  20. FortressCraft is absolutiely terrible, it is not an exact replica of minecraft, just a mere shadow of the glory that is Minecraft. If you say FortressCraft is just like Minecraft then you obviously havent't played Minecraft for the PC.
  21. Awesome! Can't wait!
  22. Rofl, I enjoy PSN. But, come on... they should just stay bankrupt, and save everyone the time. Xbox has far more potential, and much higher quality than Playstation will and ever have.
  23. fortresscraft doesnt deserse to be compared to minecraft
  24. its taking for ever when is minecraft going to be here
  25. its not at all close to Minecraft and if u think that u dont know what minecraft is

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