Minecraft delayed, also coming to Xbox 360

By Emil ยท 178 replies
Jun 12, 2011
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  1. It's like saying something coming out but its fail because it's out but not out
  2. minecraft is not s***
  3. It ****ing nothing like fortresscraft
  4. fortrescraft is not even close to an exact replica of minecraft. Yes you can build things. No you cant craft, mine, and fighting monsters.
  5. a1993eddie

    a1993eddie TS Rookie

    um... ya i didnt relize theres other pages lol o by the way my grammer sucks sorry
  6. i have no problem with minecraft 4 xbox 360 cuz i have a xbox. the thing i think is gonna b a little complicated is that their putting it 4 kinect. i dont know how their gonna pull that 1 off. oh and if u want 2 c a real minecraft rip off, then look at castle miner z and total miner forge.
  7. they are gonna do it so it takes a picture and a replica of that picture made of blocks pops up
  8. NO screw psn the only reason people buy ps3's is so they can watch porn on their tv
  9. fortress craft is alright but nowhere near as good as minecraft and i wouldnt like to play minecraft on kinects my arm will be sore within 5 mins but cant wait
  10. Fortresscraft is nothing like minecraft
  11. Fortresscraft is the most disgusting game i have ever played in my entire sanbox playing game! a complete waste of money and my time! fortress craft can got to hell!
  12. FortressCraft is terrible, and not close to Minecraft.
  13. I know nothing about computers but I play minecraft on my 2005 dell xps. I'm pretty sure it has a nvidia 7900 in it. Laughing your *** off at all the money you keep wasting on a computer -not very smart. They change computers every year and every year computers are still junk. Keep arguing about what's the best but they all suck and they all break.
  14. Fortresscraft is NOTHING like Minecraft! Besides PSN has "Indie" games like - Infamous! There's another one but I forgot it's name, basically it's an "overhead" zombie shooter!
  15. like if mine craft needs to get hacked also
  16. **** ps3, xbox is better hence all the major game creators making games for the xbox360 platform.
  17. because fortresscraft sucks
  18. No your just mad that minecraft is better!!
  19. ha fortress craft and psn suck
  20. no nit is not like minecraft at all, in minecraft, you have to build to get the supplies, in fortresscraft, you all ready have all the supplies. plus minecraft has alot more variety of supplies
  21. fortress craft is nothing like minecraft. js
  22. i here its going to be and arcade game for 360
  23. psn needs minecraft
  24. ps3 sucks and has no need for games like minecraft
  25. Ok its coming out for xbox and you can use kinect so what happens if you are getting chased by a monster,Do you just start running for your life in your own room?...........lol

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