Minecraft delayed, also coming to Xbox 360

By Emil ยท 178 replies
Jun 12, 2011
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  1. no its not mincraft considers more thinking and is way better than fortress craft i have them both and minecraft is much better
  2. is there an specific date Minecraft is coming out to everyone
  3. Dude you clearly do not have any kind of imagination at all... The graphics in the game aint everything.. Gameplay matters alot in many games that is why i in certain areas think that Minecraft is better then battlefield 3... Haters Gonna Hater.
  4. Two things:
    One, it's great that Minecraft is coming out for the console, mostly because it adds more players to the game and gives the company MORE MONEY so that they can update the game add new things, etc.
    Two, for those who don't get this because they use PSN, I'm sorry, theres nothing we Xbox players can do about it, and STOP saying we have exact replicas of the game! They can be fun yes, but they are only the same to Minecraft IN A NUTSHELL! They lack alot of features that Minecraft has, and the closest thing we have to Minecraft is Total Miner, and which in fact, IS STILL A LONG WAY AWAY FROM BEING EXACLTY LIKE MINECRAFT! They are currently still uploading things that Minecraft already has, and they only have ONE mob. (Which is spiders)
    Sorry that PSN doesn't get Minecraft, but stop whining to us about it and talk to Mojang instead or whoever controls where the game goes.

    ---Thx for your time
  5. ahaaa sucker xbox wins again
  6. i whould love to have minecraft on xbox360.Because total miner is some what good but minecraft is fun.i but beta i love it i hopeit come out
  7. yay Spring 2012 i heard news
  8. foretress craft is the shittest minecraft inspired game ever, i could make better stuff with my ****
  9. >Trust me I know everything that is inside the Xbox, and PS3 they both can't handle the game that my computer destroys 10 times over.

    Obviously, you do not know. xD
  10. Fortress crap is the worst attempt for a minecraft rip off i would rather play mario, btw psn doesnt deserve minecraft
  11. Fortresscraft is NOTHING like minercraft. Fortresscraft is crap, and it always will be.
  12. Fortresscraft is a complete ripoff of Minecraft and noone cares about the PSN Xbox Live is where its at
  13. Try playing the game first, if you have look in the minecraft.jar file, and if you have set of 1000 tnt!
    let's see how good of a machine you need then...
  14. Forttresscrap sucks
  15. Fortresscraft is total crap, absolutely NOTHING like Minecraft's addictive gameplay. Get your facts straight.
  16. Fortress crap isnt nothing like minecraft
  17. play it before you judge it
  18. ya we need an indie game on ps3
  19. Guys don't say games are a waste of time cause time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  20. Fortress craft is nothing like minecraft, of corse u get to build but thats all u do in fortress craft. Theres no mining and u get unlimited amounts of material
  21. Yes but compared to games such as total miner forge etc it has a lot more items (not in beta) than total miner and also has a survival mode and an upcoming capture the flag mode (not available at launch) the game will cost 1200micropoints and will have 20% off at launch as it is in the beta state although free updates will be available quite a while after launch.It also has and easier crafting module which is optimised for xbox 360 controlls. To make the game even better once the xbox version has caught up with the pc version Notch says there could be a POSSIBILITY of xbox players to play with pc players. I do not have any information wheter animals will be available but looking at the gameplay on you tube there looks to be although I am guessing they probably wont be available at launch. Thats what I think anyway.
    Unfotunately i cannot give replys to any questions.
    Other than that peace out :) God save the Queen
  22. yes but fortress craft you cant build railraods and you dont have alot of stuff plus you dont have animals and you dont have texture packs
  23. It actually isn't fortress craft is terrible so we need minecraft aswell, u should also get it... but no one likes ps3 anymore so he wouldnt get a profit from it
  24. You should know that I played Minecraft and it is NOT an exact replica. It is far from it and is pretty awful at its best.
  25. world of warcraft is a awsome game take that back

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