Misc Problems w/ Soyo Dragon System

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Feb 10, 2002
  1. HELP: Misc Problems w/ Soyo Dragon System

    Hello Everyone,

    I just put this system together about 2 weeks ago and could use some help/input on some problems i've been having:

    Soyo Dragon MB, bios ver. kvxa2ba2
    Athlon XP 1800+
    Thermalright SK-6, Arctic Silver II, Sunon 60mm 4500rpm fan
    512MB Kingston DDR
    IBM 60GXP 60GB
    Plextor 12x10x32x, Zip
    Pinnacle DV200
    Antec 830 case, 300watt PS
    4 Enermax 80mm Variable Speen Case Fans

    1. When I shut down the comp from windows or the power button, the system and fans shut off. But when i open the case i see the led on the mobo still on and i still have power on my keyboard and optical mouse. The only way i can totally cut the power is by flipping the switch in the back of the PS. This sux cause i dont want to have to reach in the back of my comp everytime i want to power down. I checked the bios and all the power management settings seem in place. I can't tell whether or not this is a PS or mobo problem. Please advise.

    2. Aside from the problem above the system ran smoothly throughout the first week (CounterStrike, Photoshop, 3DMax, no prob). Now, all of a sudden i get freezes and lockups at various stages - @ post, @ winXP loading screen, @ 5-10 mins after winXP loads, even after booting into a dos prompt! Sometimes when i reset, it gives me a black screen. Ive flashed to the latest bios, cleared my cmos jumpers, and tried switching my ram into diff slots. Still unstable.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. uncleel

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    Re: HELP: Misc Problems w/ Soyo Dragon System

    * ATX power maintains voltage to the motherboard continiously (as opposed to the old AT psu's)

    * I don't think your problems are hardware related. I've noticed the lastest Via 4.37 drivers to be "buggy". Having the same crashing, lockup & boot-up problems w/ a previously stable Win/98SE platform

    * Check Windows Update for any XP patches

    * Tweaking your system startup/booting
    Updated on January 31, 2002 by Thomas

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  3. Bobes

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    As uncleel has said, that is meant to happen! The power LED simply shows that there is power available to the motherboard, not that it is powered up. The "Numlock" LED is also on presumably. The keyboard and mice stay on for Keyboard Power On.
  4. Ai Hate

    Ai Hate TS Rookie Posts: 302

    is it the same button as when powering off?
    i can power off with it, but why not on?
  5. Mudshark

    Mudshark TS Rookie Posts: 101

    Re: Re: HELP: Misc Problems w/ Soyo Dragon System

    Yup I have seen similar "buggy" behavior since installing 4.37.
    not bad enough to "roll back" on, but I have had 2 spontaneous
    reboots and strange graphics "malfunctions" during bootup
    twice hanging the machine over the last 2 weeks. I guess I'm holding out for a "fix" from VIA ;-)
  6. Bobes

    Bobes Runner Posts: 60


    Erm, keyboard power on is set up through the BIOS. The Dragon Plus BIOS supports power on through either the "space bar", "Ctrl-Esc" or "any key". Powering off is rather different. Wouldn't be very effective if "any key" would power off the system :p

    Rather, shutdown key functions are only available when
    A) the system is set up to shut down on request of software
    B) The keyboard has a "power off" key
    C) Windows, and the Keyboard software, is set up properly so that when the key is pressed the equivalent of "start, shut down..., shut down, OK" is performed.

    This is all BIOS independant.
  7. SilvrNBlack

    SilvrNBlack TS Rookie

    4-Leaf clovers 4 me

    Am I just the luckiest guy in the world with the via 266a w/4.37's chipset. I have had only one lockup, not chipset related. I have my system overclocked to 1.61 from 1.53 with a stock HSF. Have run totally stable for 3 months now with comp on most of the day. I just built a friends computer similar to the one you have Kainoa. I used Win98SE though. But I found that if you shove all the hardware in the mobo, boot up and install windows, I always ended up with some sort of crash. But, if I installed just the video card first, then the rest of the peripheals one at a time, the computer was as stable as the Hoover Dam. just a little tip for computer builders. May be totally useless with Win XP, but it is worth a try. And everyone is right (of course) about the LED's staying on, it's cool.
  8. Bobes

    Bobes Runner Posts: 60

    Re: 4-Leaf clovers 4 me

    No, I generally like the KT266a. The Soyo Dragon Plus was my favourite motherboard to date, never had any instability problems whatsoever with it :)
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