Missing data file icons saved on desktop (Excel, Word, and JPEG)

By rich74
Feb 19, 2010
  1. I was cleaning some old versions of my Internet connection software using Windows Add/Remove Programs, when it seemed to freeze on the uninstallation. After 10 minutes of no progress, I ended the program and rebooted my computer. After restarting, I noticed that all data file icons saved on my desktop were missing, including Excel files, Word documents, and JPGs. The only icons on my desktop were the usual programs and shortcuts (My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.), as well as all the folders I had saved. But again, the folders were all empty of any data files – they only had the subdirectory folders, which also were empty. Even sets of folders that go down 3 or 4 levels had no files in them. The best way to explain it is like a tree, with all the branches still in place, down to the twigs, but all of the leaves missing. For example, in the My Pictures directory, I can still see the subdirectories for folders of Baby pictures, Holiday pictures,
    Vacation pictures, etc., but all the subfolders are empty as well.

    Basically, any data file (XLS, DOC, JPG, AVI, WMV, etc.) saved anywhere on my Desktop is gone. The only data files I still have are saved in C:\ subdirectories, but anything in C:\Windows\Users\Desktop is gone.

    Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking online on various help and tip boards, but haven't seen any problem described which is even close to this. I've checked for any viruses and not found anything, and also tried restoring my computer.
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