MoBo issues, some parts work, some don't

By Minion_of_U
May 25, 2008
  1. Hey, i got a new (2nd hand) motherboard that seems to have a few problems. I plugged my power supply into it that has been sitting unused for a month ever since my old motherboard stopped working. I smelled electrical burning about 10 seconds after i plugged in the power ( before i pressed the power button), so i threw it out and used a different power supply. Nothing seemed to be damaged, and the smell was coming from the power supply not the computer itself. The graphics card and processor work fine, as does the RAM.
    The problem i have is, the keyboard doesnt work, and i can't type in the cmos setup password (even if i knew what it was... and yes, ive tryed multiple good keyboards), the inbuilt graphics doesn't work, and whenever i try to boot from hard drive or cd "BOOTMGR is missing"
    Ive reset the cmos, and it still wants a password (enter is the only key that works, so i can't try to guess it)
    Im thinking that maybe the BIOS was damaged by the old power supply. Does that seem to fit the description? What does anyone suggest i do to get this thing finally working- preferably not buying a new motherboard because ive just broken 3 before i realised it was the power supply killing them all...I really dont want to spend any more money
  2. HaMsTeYr

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    Perfectly sure you have a busted mainboard there... You don't really have a bios damage from a power supply, only board damage. Also, did you try to see if the hard drives work on any other computers?

    I'm afraid you might have to get a new board because your old PSU fried git but thats my opinion.
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