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By eyemfedup2
Oct 5, 2008
  1. Ive recently came across an e-machine mobo
    I've heard all sorts of bad things about them
    i replaced the p/s but my question is this: its a fic k7mnf-64 (e-machine T3395 )sempron 3000
    my old board is a m7vip ver 1 biostar athalon xp
    both are 333mhz but if i understand it properly e-m is a nforce 4
    bioster is a 2 if anyone could lead me to a manual they seem to be imposible to find. i wonder which board is better both have same bios e-m 2gb ram max
    biostar 3gb .
    i am wondering if it would be any good to put xp cpu and ram 400mhz into
    the e-machine board? i am missing driver disc also their support site sucks the opt you out to third party software. that doesn't mean its not a good board,
    apparently hp, compaq and when i used belarc it said gateway idunno?
    anyway seems like a good mobo amd and overclockable.
    anybody's opinion or info would be greatly appreciated.
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