Monitor color went wonky after OS reinstall

By Jack D
Jul 3, 2011
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  1. Can anyone help? I have a iiyama Prolite B2403WSB1 monitor. Last week I had a virus and needed to reinstall my OS and software. Suddenly the colours look odd on the monitor. It looks like there is a pink going to green wash over it from top to bottom. I uninstalled the last software I'd put on (Adobe Photoshop CS) and the monitor was back to normal. I then installed the following and the problem came back:

    Memory map OS
    Memory map navigator
    WriteitNow 4

    None of these have ever caused a problem before but I uninstalled on the off chance one of them was causing the colour issue. They obviously weren't because I still have the problem. I could ask iiyama but my monitor is out of warranty.

    Do you know what could be happening?
  2. delph2222

    delph2222 TS Rookie

    check another monitor on pc check pc on different monitor

    Hi happened similar to me a few years ago sent me a little mad turned out to be my cable but it was attched so couldnt change it and had to buy new monitor.
    To check i did this.
    Fitted my PC on friends monitor and was fine.
    Fitted friend PC onto my monitor and dodgey.
    But i do know if its not your cable and is your monitor no one fixes these anymore as tfts are so cheap now
    Hope this helps

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