Monitor crackling and no signal after boot up

  1. Hi People,

    This is gonna be a long one but please please bear with me!

    Im in a spot of bother with my Iiyama 24" monitor which is just over a year old.

    Last night as i was playing the screen went purple and there was a sudden very strong smell of burnt plastic filling the room. I turned off the computer immediatly and checked inside the casing.

    At first i thought this was the graphics card that had over heated (Geforce GTX 275) but i cannot find any burn marks or signs of stress within the case.

    I tried to reboot the computer after leaving it for 24hours and now the monitor seems to loose signal straight after the desktop loads. There is no longer any burning smell however. I tried loading in safe mode and everything seems fine in there apart from the monitor doesnt seem to be displaying in the device manager.

    I have tried a system restore to see if anything got corrupted in the sudden shutdown but that did nothing. However the screen did load at full resolution this time and was recoginized as 'working fine' in the device manager. There are no lines or spots in the monitor either.

    I decided to try using HDMI (with the Zotac adapter for the graphics card) instead of DVI to see if it was the port that was the problem and the monitor did stay on the desktop but there was also a loud crackling sound coming from inside the monitor so i turned this off again. I have tried the other DVI port on the graphics card but had the same problem. Now it wont get passed the desktop again but works fine in safe mode.

    Is this really my monitor or is this a graphic card problem? I dont have another monitor to try and my only other graphics card is around 7-8yrs old and may not work with the new motherboard.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. mailpup

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    Your description of the crackling sound from the monitor leads me to think the monitor is the problem. To confirm it you would need access to another monitor for testing purposes.
  3. toygod

    toygod TS Rookie

    its a hardware problem in the monitor it burned out something
    if its working in safe mod its b/c its only 800-600 res and you have higher res in normal mode which sounds like its burned out

    depending on the size of the lcd it may be ez'er to get another

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