Monitor sleep mode problems

  1. I'd like to learn something about how power settings work on Windows. I've had the continuous problem with XP having trouble with power management settings.

    The latest problem appeared after I started watching movies on Netflix. Windows just stopped observing its power management setting of turning the monitor off/sleep. So I updated the graphics driver. That seemed to fix it. But now Windows will shut the monitor down, but then wake it back up minutes later.

    Rebooting clears up the problem. And it seems watching Netflix screws things up again. I've unchecked all the 'allow this device to wake up computer' (or whatever that setting is called) on all the devices except the keyboard. Yet, the mouse still bring the monitor back on, as does something else.

    I read about using powercfg utility to find out the last thing to wake up the computer, but that was for W7. I powercfg /? and didn't find any parameters that looked like they would do the same thing on XP.

    Can anyone tell me how power schemes work on Windows, or why Windows seems to have so much trouble with them? I was assuming W7 wouldn't have these problems - but in searching solution for XP, I saw that many people are having similar problems on W7.

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