Mono for Android released, lets .NET developers build Android apps

By Emil
Apr 6, 2011
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  1. Novell today announced the availability of Mono for Android, the first solution for developing Microsoft .NET applications for Google's Android platform. This essentially allows .NET and C# developers to use their existing skills to easily create Android apps.

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  2. slayer357

    slayer357 TS Rookie

    That is great that allows my skills to not be useless in the mobile market!
  3. I downloaded the trial version and was disappointed to see that there isn't a designer included. To me it is the same as using eclipse to build Android apps given that c# is pretty close to .NET. Use the $400 to learn Java
  4. Yes spend the $400 to learn Java. If you are already proficient in C#, Java will not be that difficult to use. C# is basically Microsoft's version of Java.

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