Most of profile fields do not allow whitespaces


TS Maniac
As the title says, hardly any profile field accepts whitespaces. Only Location will allow any kind of text, while all the fields from Full Name to Operating System will only alphanumeric characters. It used to accept spaces in the text and if someone has put text with whitespaces before the bug was introduced (no idea when it was), it is still here. Any new values for these fields can only contain alphanumerics, so such text can't be updated properly. The pattern enforcing it seems to be applied both in front-end and back-end:
"<input type="text" class="input field_full_name" name="custom_fields[full_name]" pattern="\w+" title="Please enter a value that matches the required format.">"
can be found in site HTML, but changing or eliminating this client-side regex and trying to save the profile info results in a server error:
"Oops! We ran into some problems. Operating System: Please enter a value that matches the required format."

Needless to say, this is an inconvenient bug, since it makes most of fields unusable - one can not even write the exact hardware parts names, like "Intel Core i7 8700K", since almost all of them contain spaces.

Julio Franco

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This bug came from a recent change we implemented because we noticed spammers would use custom fields to post spam links and those kind of things.

Fixed now, thank you for reporting.


TS Maniac
The change is working, but I have one other, minor observation. Could the pattern be further altered to allow plus signs and commas? Some of the fields describe two separate things at the same time and even have commas in the names, e.g. "Motherboard, Memory", yet right now no separators other than whitespaces are allowed. Thanks.
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