Motherboard IDE problems

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I'm facing a problem that is driving me crazy, I have to repair a computer that all of a sudden doesn't recognize the HDD, it shows the comon error message when no HDD present: "Reboot and select proper boot device"

First time I replaced the IDE cables, and changed the jumpers from CS to Master and Slave (HDD & DVD-RW respectively) it seemed to work fine, but 3 weeks later the same problem ocurr.

Now I just swapped the cables from one channel to another and then they worked just fine, but I know something was wrong with this system doing this randomly, I reset BIOS settings since the first time, the PC was built about 6 months ago so it's not that old, so I turned off the system and next day I turn it on again IDE HDD was not recognized but DVD-RW was ok, so I took the HDD to another good system and run diagnostic tools from WD without any problems, I installed new windows and boot up perfectly on a different computer,

So I'm guessing the motherboard IDE ports are defective, I installed a SATA HDD on that mobo and it boot up perfectly, but then the DVD-RW under windows and BIOS was not recognized, even using only one IDE channel it recognizes the drives randomly. I've seen this problem with defective cables, but this cables were just replaced 3 weeks ago.

am I missing something? what could cause the motherboard won't work with IDE drives, I know the fast solution right now is replace the motherboard since it's a cheap ECS, but I wonder if this is 100% accurate, I don't want to return this system as fixed and then come back again with the same issue.

All help highly appreciated Thanks!


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Sometimes it can be a faulty CD/DVD Drive causing it too.

You should also confirm that all IDE (ATA) Drives are jupered to CS (Cable Select) on the end of the actual drive.
I suppose the computer has already been sent back to the customer by now?
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