Motherboard ideas for i7-920

By Tallguy
Mar 22, 2010
  1. Hi All-

    I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a new MOBO for an i7-920.
    I picked up the processor as there was a really good deal.
    I also picked up 8 GB of OCZ 1600-Ram (4 channels).

    I have a PCi-e graphics card that I'll probably replace sometime in the future. But for the moment, It should suffice for a bit.
    I also have a Full tower, so MOBO size isn't a big deal (Thermaltake Kandalf LCS)

    Back to my question: I (obviously) need a new MOBO. I'd like to spend sub-$250. I'll overclock a BIT, but probably won't be TOO necessary.

    Your ideas/thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ritwik7

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    This motherboard seems to have a really nice feature set for its price. However, since I've never personally worked with an LGA 1366 system, you'd be better off waiting for some second opinion.
  3. dividebyzero

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    In the sub-$250 market there are some quite capable boards to be had. Most X58 boards offer very similar stock performance, so the main differentiators are connectivity, overclocking ability, feature set and build quality/support.
    Gigabyte's X58A-UD3R ( $210 inc shipping) is a USB3/SATA 6Gb refreshed model. If it offers similar performance to its earlier EX58-UD3R version then this looks an excellent choice. Your OCZ RAM kit is also compatible. You may want to look out for another 2x2Gb set, as the fourth module you have will not be overly handy for a triple-channel board.
    ASRock X58 Deluxe3 ($233 inc shipping) also offers USB3/SATA 6Gb connectivity, albeit through add-in cards, over the standard Deluxe, which is a great board in it's own right. ASRock have suffered in the past from being Asus' poor relation-but having built using both the X58 Extreme and Deluxe ($210) I can say, except for lack of wow factor, they are excellent boards.
    The only other board I'd think I would recommend in the price bracket would be the Asus P6T, simply because Asus boards are consistant and have a very mature BIOS, but at $229 probably doesn't represent the best value with regard to feature set.
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