Motherboard or Processor

By dknight06
Oct 31, 2008
  1. First time poster, so please bear with me if I'm not explaining this well.

    I've recently purchased a new motherboard to replace a motherboard that I thought had gone bad. The reason being, when attempting to install programs, such as World of Warcraft from disk or from downloaded install package, it would always error out usually saying that certain files could not be loaded. Even times I was able to somehow get through installing, my .exe files would quickly become corrupted and unusable.

    Thinking it was my RAM, I ran the memtest utility which gave me Stride6 errors. I then replaced the RAM and got no more errors, installing issues continued. Checked the Hard drive reformatting and putting on a fresh XP install (which was hell). Got it installed and had no problems installing when connecting the hard drive in my spare computer's motherboard. Now that I've replaced the motherboard, everytime XP does manage to boot up fine (which is getting less and less), it says there is new Hardware to install (PCI Device, Ethernet controller, USB). I've run the driver installation that came with the motherboard many times and still get the same thing everytime I load up Windows. At this point I'm at a loss for what to test next or if it is just my CPU. If it helps, I did take the processor out and power on the system. It came on just fine but of course turned off when it got to the point of booting from the PC.

    Long story short, switched motherboards, switched RAM, reformated and tested hard drive in another PC. Still can't install properly. Any suggestions?
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Corrupted files usually point to a corrupted\failing HDD.

    However, there's one thing that wasn't clear from your post: Did you replace the motherboard and then do a clean install of XP or was it the other way around? If you did it before replacing the motherboard, then you'll have to do it again, because while Windows can handle hardware changes like new RAM, a new video card and even a new CPU, a new motherboard is too much for it to handle and the Hardware Abstraction Layer becomes messed up, usually ending in BSODs or other problems.
  3. dknight06

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    I actually installed prior to changing mobos. I'll try a fresh install now, thanks.
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