Motherboard or PSU, help opinion

By king21092
Jun 27, 2010
  1. Motherboard or PSU, need opinion

    I accidently hit enter when trying to edit the poll... :(
    Can a mod help me out?


    Well, let me give you some past details before I explain the main problem.

    When I first got my computer up and running, specs should be listed, I didn't see any problems. However when I decided to overclock various hardware that's when I noticed some issues. First off, when I made changes, generally changes that effect the hardware (voltages, clock speeds, timings, etc, but not including boot splash screen and the similar), I saw that the computer would restart from the BIOS after saving the settings. When it finished the shutdown in the restart process, it would begin to start up but stop. The lights and fans would come on, but I would get no video feed. It was more like an infinite black screen, also the OS would not boot (don't feel like going into details of how I knew, but I have my methods). I would have to hard boot and I usually had to turn off the power for about 30 seconds before it would boot successfully.

    Now, that being said, I'll move to my main issue.
    Basically, in the last week, my PC has randomly shutdown (just shutdown, not restarted) without anything being done. It has happened at random times, definitely twice while playing BC2 and I think that it was once while just on the desktop doing whatever. It just happened again earlier tonight, the 4th time. This time I can't get my PC to turn back on, only the fans connected to the power supply actually come on, the ones connected through the onboard fan connectors are not on. The CPU fan does not come on, the screen is black, GPU fans are off, and I'm not willing the leave it on for anymore than a few minutes due to heat or perhaps other issues.

    So at this point I'm curious as to what's causing this issue. I hope it's my power supply, but due to past experiences with my motherboard, I believe that may be the true problem. So, if you wouldn't mind can you take the poll and give me your opinion. And if you feel like it, give me your opinion in a post.

    If you need more information, please post. If you voted or posted, thanks. All information is helpful.

  2. raybay

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    Well, it could be another problem that is not related to the power supply or the motherboard. But given the choices you presented, I would go for the power supply. Motherboards do go out, but rarely. Power supplies are too often trouble.
  3. king21092

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    I'll see if I can find any power supplies at some PC shops down here. But I'm going to have to find one that I most definitely return after using it. Hopefully I'll be able to switch them out and compare the results. I'll post the results here.
  4. king21092

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    An update to my issue...

    Basically on my PSU, 2 of the pins, sort of like, melted on the main 24pin power plug. As odd as that sounds it's true. I'll post up a picture in a little while showing you. But from what I can tell, it seems like the melted plastic has interfered with the connectors on both the PSU and the Motherboard. The what look like gray colored pins are now practically black from the black plastic. Hopefully I can clean it off and try again.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to how to clean it, I know it's melted and all, but it's still in usable shape, as long as I can get the pins cleaned, somehow.
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