Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on?

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Apr 26, 2010
  1. My friend accidentally spilt pop into his computer, it shut off, and he then proceded to turn the computer back on. The computer stayed on for a few minutes but then shut off. Once it wouldn't turn on anymore he asked if i could take a look at it.

    I originally built the computer for him so I knew his specs and proceded to look at it.

    The first thing I did was try turning it on and no go. I looked inside and checked the entire computer for burn / singe marks but I did not see any. I saw some pop residue here and there but it wasn't much, he said only a few drips got inside. He has a 140mm fan on the top of his computer the pop fell through and the fan splashed it everywhere. But I saw barely any pop.

    I replaced the power supply with a brand new on and I'm still getting the same problem. I tested the hard drive in another computer and it still works. Graphics card looks fine and im assuming the processor is fine as well but I can't be positive.

    Any ideas are welcome, im getting rather flustered.
  2. Archean

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    I suspect motherboard is the first place to have a look at; because probability is it may be shorted and need replacement.

    By the way in such situations, best course of action is to turn off the PC/notebook immediately and let it completely dry (may take a day or two depending upon conditions) before trying to turn it back on to give its maximum chance to survive.
  3. Andrethetank

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    I Agree

    I Agree completely with you about not turning it back on. I wish he would have called me first instead of trying to fix it himself >.<. So even though the motherboard is giving the green light, it could still be fried? Also, what are the odds that the motherboard shorting out could have damaged the Processor?

    My friend doesn't mind buying new parts for his mishap, but im trying to save him money by pinpointing the problem before we go buying a bunch of new equipment. Do you think that a tech place could give me a better in depth diagnosis of which parts are still functioning?
  4. Archean

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    Although anything is possible, but I am guessing here that CPU may have survived. You can ensure it is ok by checking it out in some other motherboard (if possible).

    They can thoroughly check and give you right advice for sure.
  5. Andrethetank

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    I was assuming a damaged motherboard once i replaced the power supply, i was just hoping something cheaper to fix. I guess instead of paying the $80 to a tech to diagnose the problem I may as well just replace the motherboard for $100 and go from there.
  6. Archean

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    Well I would probably do the same in this case, although as I suggested above if possible, please do check Processor in some other motherboard. By the way what are the specifications of system you are trying to troubleshoot/fix?
  7. Tmagic650

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    The spilled pop can mix with the dust and become conductive even when dry. The motherboard and any other contaminated parts should have been removed and cleaned thoroughly with warm water and set aside to dry for a couple of days. It may be too late now
  8. seanc

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    Agreed, you have a short somewhere now.

    Take the motherboard out of the case, remove ALL components and the CMOS battery (leave any jumpers).

    Wash it in warm water and give it a gentle scrub with a toothbrush, especially around surface mount components.

    Let it dry for a two or three days, ensure it is totally dry before trying to power it up again.
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