Motorola Droid users experiencing email deletion bug

By Matthew · 87 replies
Dec 9, 2009
  1. I lost my e-mails on my phone this morning but not my contacts or calendar. I have had the phone for one week and have not downloaded any apps. Fortunately my e-mails are still on my e-mail server. Is there a quick way to re-sync or do I need to start from scratch?
  2. I was able to speak to someone inside of Google's development team. It is a "known bug and they are working on a patch." This was two weeks ago. I guess shipping their new Nexus Phone has been more important.

    Google is going to have to do better on mission critical apps - this is bush league.
  3. My wife and I both purchased Droids about 2 weeks ago. Everything was working fine with both our corporate e-mail and msn until yesterday. We then lost all e-mails from corporate and new ones are corrupted in that when we open up it is a different content from someone else. My MSN e-mail now also is corrupted and same thing happens. Verizzon technical and Motorola were of no help. Obviously this is a major problem.
  4. negative, do your homework
  5. Yes, I too have suffered from my e-mail accounts dissapearing, one configured to my office's Exchange 2007 Server, and two other Pop3 accounts, every couple of weeks, they just dissapear.
  6. I have had this issue surface several times with my email accounts, one exchange, one IMAP. Happens about once a week and is a royal pain. I do not run any of the task killer apps, so that is not the issue, at least in my case. According to google, there is supposedly a maintenance release coming out soon, hoping it fixes this issue or I am back to the blackberry, which would suck, but at least it works. Would love to go iphone, but AT&T has poor coverage in my area.
  7. I have experienced the email account deletion problem. I have five different email accounts, and it took quite a bit of time to set them up again. Today I replied to an email on my phone, but the message body was substituted with the body of an entirely different message. The confused reply from my recipient was also substituted.
  8. I'm another really, really frustrated Motorola Droid user. Now I remember why I hate getting a new phone when my contract is up. I have had the phone for two days, have not downloaded a single app, and all of my emails disappear within an hour of receipt. We have spend hours on the phone with Verizon and the same thing keeps happening even after we reset everything. I'm returning the phone...and they better not even try to charge me the blessed $35 restocking charge. I'm ready to charge them!
  9. I had 3 email accounts (2 exchange, 1 imap) set up since day one with no problems.. it's been close to 2 months. Today I noticed all the email accounts were gone. Not sure what triggered it but I haven't been using any different apps and the android update last month didn't immediately trigger the problem so the person that caught the update and then lost the accounts just ran into a coincidence.
  10. I don't know if this tracks others' experience, but it appears that the bug has to do with when it cannot connect to incoming or outgoing email, it goes into never-never land and trashes the configuration for email.

    I have had the same problem happen four times since getting the phone in mid December. I have found that it appears to happen right after there is a failure to communicate to the mail server, for whatever reason. I noticed it specifically when I was in our local mall that had WiFi. I turned on the WiFi and connected, and then tried to check my email. The hot spot provider was blocking every port but 80 and 443, so naturally things like IMAP and the Exchange stuff didn't work. It tried a couple of times, gave me an error saying it couldn't connect, and then everything was gone.

    As soon as I put it back on 3G and re-entered my information, everything came back.
  11. I have also experienced the e-mail account deletion issue. One day my exchange and two pop3 accounts all disappeared! I re-set them up, but now I am experiencing an issue where my e-mails "combine" with themselves. I get an e-mail from a friend with a header and subject to my exchange account, but when I open the e-mail on my Droid, the body of the e-mail is from a completely different e-mail. It is definitely something to do with the Droid because if I go to my exchange account online, the e-mails are as they should be with the header and body. I have never downloaded this advanced task killer, so that can't be the issue. My e-mail is basically useless right now on the Droid. What the h*** is going on Google?
  12. This post misses the point on the bug: The message isn't getting deleted; the account is getting deleted from the e-mail app. The settings still shows the accounts, but they have to be reconfigured before you can actually get into them.
  13. Just happen to me. Deleted my Exchange account, Hotmail and ironically my Google Apps account. No problem with Gmail. Going to try Touchdown.
  14. Exchange email settings disappeared today for the first time. No ATK installed. Interesting that GMAIL unaffected. Odd that nly the competitors email products appear to be affected...
    Anybody rmember Netscape?
  15. I had my exchange and yahoo accounts disappear but I don't have the Advance Task Killer app. I have gone in and manually killed a few apps but I don't know if that's what caused the problem. If I go to my sync settings page the email accounts are listed but I can't sync with them.

    I love this phone so this isn't a deal-breaker but it sure is a pain to set up the accounts again, as it took a while to figure out how to do it. This time I'll write it down do I can refer to it in the future.

    Hopefully, Google will provide another upgrade soon that will take care of this problem.
  16. yes, it is happening here with deletions every will keep load new messages for 24hrs. using comcast server and outlook. verizon tech no help,local store no help. can not do business like this. if there was wireless sync with home ms office that would help.need to fix now or retool.
  17. Fixed pop3 email issue, at lease on me droid

    Change the incoming mail to and everything started working.

    leave outgoing mail

    you will need to your put you own providers information in

    mine is dslextreme but thy use gmail as there mail provider
  18. I've been having the email deletion issue occur about every few days. It affects my exchange and my AOL accounts.

    If anyone else comes up with solutions, please post them.

    Within the last two days, I've had an additional problem. Both my email accounts are present, but neither account permits me to open an email. Everytime I attempt to open an email on either AOL or exchange, I receive the following message:

    "Sorry! The application Email ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again). Force Close."

    I had that error message only occassionally appear a few weeks ago, but I now receive the above error everytime I attempt to open an email - in effect, freezing my email accounts.

    Very frustrating and disappointing ....
  19. It got me today - and I can't reconfigure the email account. Hellllllllp!
  20. I had this very same problem. My email accounts would simply disappear and sometimes get corrupted (email headers connected to different messages). Motorola, Google and Verizon were worthless. In fact, Verizon was worse than useless. When I called to complain about the problem, when they found out I was connected to an enterprise server, they increased the amount they were charging me from $30 for data to $45 for data. When I saw that on my bill, I was furious and they changed it back to $30.

    My solution was to buy the Touchdown application. Now it works fine, with an occasional instance where I have to force the application to close. However, when it reopens everything is still there and it works great.
  21. This has happened to me twice, the second time last night. I called Verizon Wireless the first time (about a month ago) and they said it was a "known issue" but there was no resolution yet.
  22. I've had my droid for a week and had to reconfigure the exchange email 2 times already. The first time was about 2-3 days and then the next was another 2-3 days. No problems with my gmail account which is pushing mail also.
    The account still shows but when I try to use it, the account wants to be configured. It shows in the accounts but cannot access it.

    I'm about done with this because I don't have an hour to wait everytime I try to sync bakc up my accounts. service sucks in my area of WY as well so gotta go to BB on GSM.
  23. Touchdown has the same problem. Just give it time and it will loose all of the account settings and email. With Touchdown it is easy to backup the account settings and easy to restore them after the Droid kills everything.
  24. I was able to set up my personal email account on the Droid (not through Google), but messages were deleted as soon as they hit my phone. The only remedy I found was to access my personal email server and forward a copy of my emails to the Google account that was established by Verizon when I purchased my phone. I was ready to take my phone back to Verizon because I hated the email problem, but this fixed it for good!
  25. I have had the same problem, at least 8 times in the 2 weeks I have had the phone. I have never downloaded the app mentioned either. After a hard reset while on the phone with Verizon, I'm still having the problem. They are now sending me a new phone and I'm hopeful there are no more problems, but after reading these posts, it's not likely. When it happens, all email accoungs I have set up disappear, even gmail.
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