Motorola Droid users experiencing email deletion bug

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Dec 9, 2009
  1. Same exact problem here. Very frustrating. Another variant is the "mass email deletion," where the account is still there, but suddenly and inexplicably, dozens of emails at a time have been sent to Trash, where, so far as I can tell, you cannot resurrect them.
  2. Verizon tech L2 did acknowledge the problem and indicated to me that they did not have a solution. I had to push a little and demand answers and a personal solution. This process took 3 months and my local verizon (non-company) store was helpful in making a few calls. Verizon tech first overnighted a new mot droid and later a Blackberry Storm II with no costs involved. The tech did try and they just are not provided the hardware they sell to play with in the many real life user configurations etc. etc. One tech indicated for the whole tech floor of many cs reps they had been issued 4 or 5 droid phones to check out. i would think that a L2 support rep should have every piece of hardware the company sells to study on the job, hooked to most service providers and major mail exchanges.--- so, i went from curve to droid to storm II and it works but mechanical and slow, but it works solid. Now need to switch to a windows based unit because can not handle deleting 100's of mail each week on the handheld, need to delete once on laptop using ms office. Paying for the tech gadget pain and lovin it ! good luck wiyh yours !
  3. Same problems for me as stated previoulsy. Exchange and POP3 accounts get deleted. Not as often now since the new software upgrade but it still occurs. Have been to Verizon done a reboot and called a few times. Very annoying. I do not recommend this phone for anyone that uses it as part of their busienss. Its great fir surfing the net but not for emails/texting or typing for that matter. I have to buy a new phone and try to sell this piece of junk.
  4. Definetly have the same issue on my Droid. I hope Verizon fixes this. I haven't to read a single email from my POP account yet because they keep deleting themselves.
  5. I am a newbie to the Droid. I got it 3 days ago. I have the email problems with AOL. I took it back today and got a new phone, new memory card, factory reset, called tech support at Verizon and Motorola and the new phone is still giving the Force Close error and I am unable to use my AOL email. All of the store staff and the motorola and verizon tech support either did not know of problem or have been told not to address it. I was there in the verizon store for 4 hours. I may go back to my Blackberry. Very frustratiing. I wonder what the agreement is between Google and Verizon/Motorola for pushing the use of GMail.
  6. Have had the same problem as everyone else. My Entourage account gets deleted. Also, the Droid has been meshing my emails. I'll get an email from someone with content from a totally different sender. Very frustrating since I keep resetting the account and it still keeps happening.
  7. my droid email crashes constantly. tech supp suggested a full reset and reinstall of all apps. worked for a week, then same issue. plus, won't get new messages. using imap email settings.
  8. Yep, Druid deleted my wife's email accounts some months ago, and this morning all my accounts have vanished except Gmail. I thought it was bad enough that inboxes were slow to update, but this is disastrous!
  9. Same here. I don-t have the killer but do have the problems. That rules it out!
  10. Sounds like the Druid found you. Druids are known to take animal forms, so your cat may be the cause.
  11. I have had my Droid for 2 weeks and have experienced the same emal bug and as many others have been on 611 forever. at Verizon. Also in the local Verizon store twice. Both times I was told that they had to "wipe" my phone. After the wipe the email problems were fixed although I lost all of my previous messages. I just talked to second level support at MOTOROLA and they did acknowledge the problem (Verizon does not) the tech support had me add "K-9" and bypass my regular email and it does seem to work. He also told me that in 2 weeks a new version 2.3 will come out to downloan and should fix the problem permanently.Hope this works and helps others.
  12. Got my droid a couple of months ago and exchange worked great! Did the most recent update (I guess 2.3) and now i cannot sync my corporate email no matter how many times I try. One of the main reasons I upgraded to a phone with email capabilities. My husband had to get a new phone less than two weeks after he got his because it never synced his pop correctly. When will this be acknowledged...clearly the most recent update didn't help!
  13. I have had numerous issus with droid 2. From battery to email issus to performance.
    Don't think I would buy another.
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