Motorola Droid users experiencing email deletion bug

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Dec 9, 2009
  1. According to several customer reports on the Verizon forum, Motorola Droid users are suffering from some form of an email bug. Droid owners say the glitch deletes their Exchange and POP email accounts, along with all contained messages. While the accounts can be reconfigured, users say the anomaly eventually strikes again a week or two later.

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  2. BlindObject

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    This is it, we're doomed, they're taking over already!! First they delete your email address...THEN THEY'LL DELETE YOU!
  3. Oh my GOD. I....I....thought you were only joking. B...But IT'S TRUE.

    RUN FOR YOUR LIV [user deleted]
  4. The problem is (and it shows later in the thread) is an app Called Advanced Task Killer. Not that there is anything actually wrong with the app itself, but because some people are so obsessively anal about stopping processes on their phone, the kill off everything, and then wonder why they have problems.

    The problem in this case is that the users think they are smarter than the phone, and that simply isn't the case.
  5. I run that app and disagree. I should have to power to control how mant apps are running on my phone, I should have to power to close them. Oh and no problems here with deleted emails here.
  6. I had this happen to me today for the first time after getting my Droid the day it became available. I had a POP3 and an exchange account set up and in the middle of the day, even after checking email multiple times, both of my accounts just disappeared. I searched some forums and found others with the same problem. Some people thought it might be the advanced task killer causing the problem, but I think the task killing programs are one of the most popular so it makes sense that most people will have it. I don't have the advanced task killer but a similar program so I guess that could be it. I just updated to 2.0.1 last night so I don't think it will be fixed until the next update.

    Posting from my Droid. :)
  7. Your messages only get deleted in bulks if you enter gmail, settings, account and import as pop3 and do not check the box that says leave messages on the server. just and fyi, no a bug an option you select when giving google server the option to push the e-mail to you.
  8. yangly18

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    I was thinking about getting a droid, what are your guy's views of it other than this emil deletion bug? It looks awsome, maby I should wait till they fix this and any other problems that show up??
  9. Vrmithrax

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    I'd be interested in the Droid feedback too. We use Blackberries right now, and I personally am growing to hate my Pearl, the word guessing when typing is irritatingly wrong often, and having to do a battery pull reset farm more often than we should have to has become a sore point for our crew...
  10. If you're thinking of getting a droid definately go for the plunge and do it. I LOVE my droid, and havent experienced the email deletion yet. Once you use the phone for a bit you realize what it can do, and you wont want to put it down.

    I have the advanced app killer and havent had any problems. I like to keep control of what apps I keep running and thanks to that I havent had any issues with my battery like most people that have complained it dies quickly. Well, DUH if you have 100 apps (slight exaggeration of course) running in the background no wonder why your battery drains.
  11. tengeta

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    Your phone doesn't rid of emails that would probably be a waste of time anyways.

    Droid Does.

    But seriously, that could be an issue.
  12. When I first looked at the Droid I was concerned about my outlook not being able to sync etc. I went ahead and got one and set up forwarding from my Corporate and personal emails to a new Gmail account. This is a good workaround if this is a bug deleting emails. Would delete the phone emails but not your Outlook on your PC.

    For those of you on the fence like I was. I had a Samsung I760 and my wife has a Pearl, best decision I have made. So far the Droid does 22 of 25 items on my wish list. Hoping 2 of the 3 will be done soon through apps. What's funny is my bill from Verizon actually went down $2 a month on our family plan.
  13. I love my Droids! I have just experienced a sync issue with my exchange server last night and still
    It now says my phone sync is incompatible - was fine for the past month! I only sync with my calendar not email - anyone else get this? Phone update came this am but I think this. Started yesterday.
  14. Tedster

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    The only Droid issue I have had is the sound/speaker bug, which requires a soft reboot (cntrl-alt-delete) to reset. I haven't had this bug hit me in several weeks, so I am wondering if an on the air update has fixed it.
  15. Phone worked flawlessly until last night the UPDATE 2.01 blew up my email setup. This morning i have no email account any more on droid and i cannot get it to successfully reconnect after I readded it back. I have to swtich back to my company BES server cause no email on the phone is a deal breaker for me and a business killer...
  16. I am definitely experiencing this issue. No problems with gmail. However, my exchange account just disappears and I am back to the setup page. I have also noticed that sometimes the email header has the incorrect email body. Has happened several times before and after the 2.01 update. I will remove advanced task killer free as others have suggested this may be the problem.
  17. sshedlock

    sshedlock TS Rookie

    hopefully this bug gets resolved quickly
  18. i have this issue...a ton. This is my second phone and it has the same issue as the first. It is only deleting my Exchange settings but when it happens it will do an initial sync after set up again and then it will take a few hours to re-sync. If this does not stop then there is no point in keeping this phone...i need my corportae email...anyone have a fix?
  19. Is there a way to keep e-mails in the e-mail app (not gmail)? Every time I synch my laptop to my personal exchange server, it removes the e-mails from the Droid. Even though I have them safely downloaded to Entourage, I would still like to keep some important ones on my phone for ready reference.
  20. I have been experiencing the same problem. I thought it was a setting I had to adjust, but apparently, from reading the article, it is not. All my emails from various accounts are being deleted (optonline, aol, hotmail).
  21. My exchange and pop3 email accounts were just deleted now. I have never downloaded the advanced task killer app, so that is not the problem.
  22. i too have had this issue, numerous times over the past few weeks. it is to the point that it is so annoying i am ready to ask for a refund. When will verizon or motorola acknowledge this is an issue and look into it?
  23. I have been having the same issue, although exclusively with my Exchange account. All disappears except for the contacts (well, partially). Rather irritating, but hopefully when they fix it they'll fix the search/sort/filter functions for Exchange accounts - there is nothing now, which is deeply frustrating for business users.
  24. i have the same problem on my droid. pop and exchange accounts disappear daily. i have repeated this problem 3 times = known bug.

    Google please fix this as this has been going on for weeks across multiple users and is a serious flaw for an otherwise fine experience.
  25. Yes this problem has effexted my phone 3 times now and its getting old. I've gone into Verizon to have them address this and all they will do is have me start a new email account???? this is BS and hard to do business on a smart phone thats not working. I waste apx 1 hour a day trying to get this phone to work. its a pain to have to go to my net book or my PC when I need to send an email, I'm questiong why I'm paying so much money for a service I can not uses.
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