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Motorola Droid users experiencing email deletion bug

By Matthew · 87 replies
Dec 9, 2009
  1. bassmanbob

    bassmanbob TS Rookie

    New Droid

    I bought 2 droid phones last month. The day before yesterday, Friday I downloaded the upgrade for visual vm and it asked for a pin number which I had never been given. After review of the app I decided to unistall it. When I went to look at my e-mails they were gone along with my account. Now when I enter my address and such I can't get back into my e-mails. Help anybody?
  2. My exchange email account just started disappearing. I guess the problem still has not been fixed. Really annoying. Scary too that people from work are trying to email me and I don't realize it until many hours later when I decide to open the email app and see that it wants me to set it up as if I have never used it before.
  3. Just happened to me. Interestingly enough, no impact on Google account. Took 1 hour of in store service and more personal time to restore settings, apps, etc. Pain in the ***.
  4. I had this phone for 2 weeks and this problem happened to me twice in last 2 days. I am not able to fix it. One more problem is when i try to reenter the new information the "NExt button" does not work. I powered up phone to get it.
  5. I've had this happen numerous times on my droid. It deletes my xchange account as well as my yahoo and google and I start all over at the "You can configure Email for most accounts in just a few steps" Calendar and Contacts still there. Hopefully it will be fixed update soon. I'm getting tired of reentering this all over again.
  6. People.......after the simple set up, which is designed to establish your mail account(s), be sure you have taken the time to go into settings/Accounts & Sync to confirm ALL the things you think you did! if you're using multiple passwords, UPDATE them thru the settings or you'll continue to have issues. I've had mine since launch andhave NEVER had an issue similar to this. It's not a toy for just the "goodies" avaialable like the iPhone, it's a real handheld PC-phone.
    Good luck
  7. This phone and network are a real disappointment. Open architecture my Aunt Fanny. Google and Yahoo are incompatible - give me a break - unless you have Yahoo premium - which I do. It is on of two pop3 accounts (Comcast is the other) and they both are dropping emails (yes, they disappear before my eyes and go nowhere - not trash, drafts, nowhere!).

    Run, run, run away. I'm going back to the Iphone.
  8. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 422   +7

    i hope this gets resolved
  9. I had a droid for a month, an eris for a month, and now back to the droid (hate the keyboard). I've never seen this until today; I have 6 accounts to setup again and I'm not happy about it.
  10. OK, we're all the way into March now and not a single word on a fix from Verizon, Motorola, or anyone else. And no sign of the 2.1 Android update. To think that I ditched my iphone for this piece of junk.

    Verizon, you suck.
    Motorola, you suck.
    Google, you suck too.
    Apple, you suck too (3.1.2 out of memory bug)

    Is anyone worthy?

    Anyone managed to get out of their Verizon contract due to this issue?

  11. I am very disappointed in all parties as well. Neither Verizon, Google or Motorola have announced any fix. I am very worried now, because I work in IT for a medical group and everybody on the business account is Droid crazy. This is going to be a support nightmare! Its not as if the Android OS is still in its first version or handset. Email support is a must and not having an immediate fix or announcement regarding the problem is cowardly at best. Droid does not do as much successfully as my iPhone, or even my old Winmo phone.
  12. I have had my Droid now for a little over 2 months and totally love it. the only issues that I have had with it is that the email accounts do get removed about every week or 2... I do not have any task killer software on my phone mainly because I have not been able to "lock" it up yet. don't get me wrong I have tried. I work with computers every day and my job is to try and break them to fix them in case other users run into any issues. So naturally I do the same thing with my phone. My Blackberry Pearl would lock up every once and again but not the Droid! its amazing... just need emails to do my job and when I have to stop to re-add the accounts to my phone it gets a little bit old... after this is fixed this phone will easily be a 10 out of 10.. now its about a 9.75... just need it fixed please.
  13. .Same issue, lose exchange and pop 3 settings. Has happened 3 times. Verizon tech was unaware of issue. Transferred me to Motorola tech who though next software upgrade would fix it. He was not sure when it was comming.
  14. Same problem for me, otherwise the phone has been great.

    I have had to recreate my accounts 3 times in 2 months. Lets get this fixed or we'll have to call in the Toyota's recall committee from DC.
  15. Thanks! That did it for me.
  16. I have a pop3 server that I run for my biz and one minute all my messages were there and the next second they disappeared in front of my eyes. Any thoughts? I don't think its the task killer because I didn't kill any apps
  17. between this horrible erasure of email accounts in default application, neither acknowledged nor fixed by Google and/or Motorola, and ignored by Verizon for 4 months now, and the inability to perform true hands-free dialing using my bluetooth headset, the inability, or protocol limitation, of simultaneous talking and browsing, unfortunately, in spite of my good vibes towards Google and past satisfaction with Verizon service and Motorola phones, this situation with the Droid SUCKS big time. Strange that AT&T/Apple didn't use all this together as a probably very effective ad campaign against Verizon ... (is AT&T still going to sell the Droid for their network?). SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS.
    I forgot to say ... it SUCKS! do you hear Motorola+Verizon+Google? SUCKS!
  18. For those of you who have not experienced losing your Droid's POP3 or Exchange accounts, congratulations. You are not smarter than those who have, you are just fortunate. I was among you until I lost mine TODAY. How it loses the settings is not known. The fact that it does is not disputable to those of use who have experienced it. I still have both of my gmail accounts active and working. All POP3 accounts (I had FIVE of them) disappeared. By disappear, I mean when you select the mail icon, it offers to walk me through setting up new accounts instead of taking me to my mail. This is a problem. It started by failing to Sync properly (Yes, I know how to sync, yes I appreciate all of the syncing "tips" I will receive from overzealous users...). Then after a few weeks (TODAY) it decided for some reason to just remove all of my POP3 accounts. As a embedded systems engineer, I would like to thank all those programmers who were responsible for me losing my email. Whether they be those involved in the developing the app, improperly locking it down from being impacted by other third party apps, or a developer of a third party app who wrote code that mucks up my Droid's email... Love you all.
  19. Same problem. Had my corporate e-mails one minute - then the next minute the screen was blank and no e-mails. I do not have the app described above installed on my phone - there appears to be a real problem here. When I click on the e-mail icon it requests me to reestablish my account. If it happends again - going to take the phone back.
  20. Its happening to my phone too. I called Verizon and told them that every 4 to 6 days my exchange account is deleted from the phone. They said that they know about the problem and they do not have a fix for it.

    But that does not stop Verizon from advertising that the phone works with exchange without telling people that there are major problems with the phone's email capabilities.

    I found that there is a law firm in Los Angeles looking for people to be representative plaintiffs in a class action against Google, Motorola and Verizon for this email scam. If you are interested, call 310-446-9900 and ask to speak with Michael. I already called and they are very interested in this case.
  21. I lose my email accounts and outlook calendar at least once a week. I have done hard resets and delete applications but still have the problem, although a little less often. This is not acceptable!
  22. Yes, this is also happening to me.
    Is there an app to back up my email settings and then do a restore?
  23. Ours is doing the same thing.
    It has nothing to do with some task killer app we have never had that installed!

    It has nothing to do with GMAIL or any gmail settings The gmail account never gets deleted.

    It is the excange account that gets erased with all emails.

    When will this bug be fixed and why were we not given software to backup all of our settings to the PC like the other phones do.

    It doesnt allow you to back up your settings and email to anything. What kind of crap software is this?
  24. Anyone make a free email client that will not crap out like the one that comes with droid?
  25. Keep your Blackberry. As many quirks that they have...they are still WAY better than the Droid. Email problems galore...even my IT guy cannot figure out how to get my corporate accounts to link. I am taking it back today and going back to Blackberry...slow texting and all.
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