Motorola puts a 6,000mAh battery in the new Moto G9 Power


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In brief: Motorola's latest addition to its G family of budget phones is the mid-spec G9 Power that sports the biggest battery the company has ever put in a handset. It's reportedly launching in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East over the next few weeks with a €200 (~$236) price tag, though availability in North America is yet to be confirmed.

Featuring a gigantic 6.78-inch HD+ (720 x 1640) IPS LCD, the Moto G9 Power also packs enough juice to run that display for days. Other specs, however, are pretty modest and up to par for a 2020 mid-tier Android phone.

There's a Snapdragon 662 SoC (no 5G) paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage that can add a further 512GB via microSD. In terms of cameras, a 64MP main lens is joined on the rear by a pair of 2MP macro and depth sensors, alongside an LED flash. Below that triple camera setup is the Motorola logo with an embedded fingerprint sensor.

The front, meanwhile, has a 16MP selfie shooter in the punch-hole cutout. As is the norm with affordable phones these days, a 3.5mm audio jack can be found here too, and there's 20W fast charging support over the USB-C 2.0 port on the bottom.

Alongside its large dimensions, the phone's chunky 6,000mAh battery also contributes to its rather hefty 221g weight. In terms of software, Motorola has included improvements for its camera app and a better multitasking experience with its "swipe-to-split" feature that's offered on top of Android 10.

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No Motorola. Just stop.
Snapdragon 662 SoC (no 5G) paired with 4GB of RAM, is why Chinese manufacturers are eating your lunch.

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Don't be fooled .... there is plenty of market for those that are not drunk on the 5G movement. Consumer Cellular sells a bunch of them and for those that are more interested in economy, it's a good fit.


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Why do manufacturers do this? Offer a good, long lasting battery on an inferior SoC. Why can't some brave manufacturers develop a flagship with everything at the high end including battery.

I know there's a plausible reason for this, but why isn't it addressed?


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The Moto G Power, which is the preceding phone to this is no slouch. Its not suffering from a lack of speed. I do think what could go a REEEEAAAALLLY long way is just 2 more GB of RAM. My Moto G Power has 4GB RAM too and it regularly sits at 3GB of RAM and kills tasks more often then I think it should. But 2 more GB should help it from panic killing tasks under some notion I'm about to ram 1GB of applications into its RAM suddenly.


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I guess motorola did the right thing. samsung made bunch of phones with their dated 9611 soc paired with 6000mah battery and it sells. at least in part of asia right now. people loved it that samsung decided to make a phone with 7000mah battery recently.

think about it. there's so much competition at $200 to $300 range it is difficult for them to stand out (remember LG?). giving this phone a huge battery will make it stand out, especially in region such as US where most of the chinese players are non-existent.

one thing people most often overlook is storage speed. of course we've all heard eMMC vs UFS but unless you do the benchmark, you won't believe that few old phones with eMMC blows the crap out of some newer phones with UFS. when comparing 3 phones with identical SOC, I'd choose one with fastest random read/write and slightly slower sequential than a phone with fast sequential rate but with abysmal random read/write. you may be surprised that the UFS on S10 Lite is way way faster than the UFS found on S10 / S10+.

I used this site to check for some known data. just select "androbench random write 4kb" on the filter and you're good to go: