Mouse pointer stuck with hourglass for days.


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My Windows 11 mouse pointer has for some reason become stuck on the regular pointer with the hourglass next to it. And it flashes as though something was thinking. If I hover over a text box for example. The pointer changes to the text icon, but as soon as I move off and onto a neutral area the hour glass comes back.

I have checked for running processes and there is nothing going on in the background that I can see. Not to mention several reboots since it started happening. I tried a simple SFC scan and updates. If I select a different pointer theme, I still have the hourglass. Changing the pointer graphic doesn't seem to help. My task manager only shows a few percent used and nothing unusual. I uninstalled Avast in case it was doing it. But I can't seem to find a fix. I'm wondering if this is just a new issue in Windows 11.


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It all sounds strange for sure. Do you have a hardware list handy? Is this a computer you built yourself? Is this a new build or did you recently upgrade to Windows 11? I don't recommend 3rd party AV to my customers. If they absolutely need something then I install Malwarebytes. Maybe you need to run Malwarebytes as a 2nd opinion that you don't have something running around in there.