Movie: Britney Spear's Crossroads ?

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Mar 12, 2002
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  1. Jimbeau

    Jimbeau TS Rookie

    Re: You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor...

    Clockwork Orange is TOTALLY your kind of movie, P66; Dark & Twisted :D
  2. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    CD's costs less to produce than a LP's

    The Sorry State of the Recording Industry.

    1.) Corporations have purchased the major labels, making it harder for fresh faces & good music to break thru. Universal owns 6 labels, Warner 4, Sony 3, BMG 3, & EMI 3.

    2.) CD's costs less to produce than a vinyl LP, but the prices have gone up.

    3.) Instead of utilizing the new technology, the industry sues Napster. In fact I read of one record executive, Michael Greene who called ,"Web Theft."

    So while our beloved politicians & State attorneys try to extort money from M$, "for all the harm caused to consumers," they completely ignore "we" consumers who are getting ripped off by the recording industry.

    Now you understand why I depise these cookie cutter clones. Not that they're untalented, but they're all marketed the same way.
  3. TS | Crazyace

    TS | Crazyace TS Rookie Posts: 275

    Brit may be one hot thang, but let's really take a look at the talent level.
    Actors act like they have these really hard jobs, give me a break. I cant act like a jerk, a**, liar, h***, whatever. These people are spoon feed. I mean really, givin the opportunity, I am sure half the world can act decent enough for a movie. They take a hundred takes to get things right, I mean it's a job that you can screw up in, and that is considered normal!

    As far as Brit, hot she is, but she has no real talent. Sure, she can dance a little, sing a little, look good, but I mean really, does she write her own music? Is she a struggling musician that tried to break into the mainstream?> No, shes some hot chick that a producer thought would sing songs good, so he got some songs and made her sing them. I would not waste my time or money contributing to this kinda c***! In another year, you won't even hear her name anymore.
  4. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    good observation ace. Same goes for J-Lo, dancer by trade, can't sing, but lip-synced real good in the movie Selena.
    Mariah & Christina, tremendous vocal talents, doing nothing but imitating everyone else. If you've caught one of Mariah's specials on tv, you'll see what a dimwit she is. So is Madonna. After all, isn't it "she" that "they" are really emulating?! Throw the Australian "entertainer" Kylie Minogue into this mix also.

    The record companies think we're fools. We are! Paying premium prices for their overpriced CD's, & watch MtV like mind-numbed robots. We should have flooded our politicians w/ mail over the Napster controversy.

    The worst new no talent ever perpetrated on the gullible public? Alecia Moore, a.k.a. Pink ! Read these press releases.
    Your translation is requested!
    • not just her flashy pink hair that makes [her] stand out...
    • the voice, the talent, and all that attitude...
    • [her] tendencies and undeniable talent...
    • more than just a passing phase...
  5. TS | Crazyace

    TS | Crazyace TS Rookie Posts: 275

    pink a talent?


    shes great at looking like a tramp

    guess thats talent
  6. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    But she did look kinda "OK" in the Lady Marmalade video... And so does Maya! :D
  7. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    Gyp Me Baby One More Time?

    Your translation is requested!
    Although it's been 12 years since she BOMBED in the US w/ a cheesy *remake of Little Eva's 1962 Classic, "Locomotion," this credibile sex symbol star, w/ no talent other than her goods looks, has been marketing throughout the world trying to find an audience. Diva?! Indeed! :rolleyes:

    * released Feb. 1990
  8. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Hey.... Kylie rocks.
    I like the disco vibe of her latest album. Haven't bought anything else she has done though ;)
  9. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"

    Hang up the mirrored ball; Disco has returned!
  10. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    I don't mind Kylie. Even if she can't do "new" songs I can always watch the video's with the sound off, & in the end, isn't that all that matters?

    That said Brintey Spears has wierd eyes to me (too far apart) so I'm not too overwhelmed by her at all.
  11. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    Kylie's videos are becoming more and more dodgy. Her style of video is becoming like Mariah's.... Yucks...

    So that's it! I've always been wondering what's wrong with her.. Heh! :)
  12. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    Kylies the best as far as I'm concerned anyway. Britney, at least I think thats what wrong with her, maybe its just the eye makeup they use on her to give her eyes like a manga cartoon girl character.
    Not really bothered over mariah, jennifer lopez, etc. either.
  13. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    I think it's the "in" thing now to remake someone to look like a cartoon girl in a manga cartoon... Blech...
  14. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

  15. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    GOodness. I knew she was "sacked" by EMI, didn't know it hit the workers THAT hard! They mustave spent a fortune on her!!! Geez...
  16. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980


    Worst Actress
    Mariah Carey/GLITTER (20th Century-Fox/Columbia)

  17. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    Britney's movie Crossroads?

    Fans boo Britney at première
    BBC News 25 March, 2002
  18. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    Hah... Hopefully that'll deter her from being in another movie!!!
  19. Ronin Tetsuro

    Ronin Tetsuro TS Rookie Posts: 20


    I was reading this thread at school last night and one of my friends in my VB class saw it and said 'you gotta read this.'

    Turns out Ms. Spears decided to shoot a video in downtown L.A. a while back. At 2 in the morning. The neighbors were angry that they not only had to hear the same song over and over agian amplified through huge monitors, but there were also 2 100ft spotlights that lit up the inside of peoples apartments like it was daylight outside. Most people complained, but some people were more interested in getting even. Britney had to flee to her trailer, and subsequently abandon the shoot after many P.O.'d residents flung buckets of urine down on the site from windows above.

    I didn't believe him, but he had the article on his own site's forum boards, so I got to read the actual press release. I reall don't know what to think. In fact I'm downright torn. It happened to Brit, so of course I got some little cheeky-monkey feelings of glee. But right afterwards, I kinda felt bad. No matter what, at the end of the day, she's still a human. And she was doing her job. Then a bunch of people came along and for all intents and purposes, attacked her.

    What do you guys think? Justified or too far? I'm kinda leaning towards too far, meself.
  20. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    Too far...I wouldnt wish buckets of urine on anyone. Personally, I would be very interested in watching the whole thing go down. I always wanted to see a music video get created.
  21. Ai Hate

    Ai Hate TS Rookie Posts: 302

    i agree with tetsuro and cobra. it's all gone way too far.
    call/complain to the cops, run into the scene and spoil it, throw a bucket of water, understandable (as long as it doesn't hit any electronic devices), but urine.... :(

    sue 'em! :mad:
  22. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    i can't believe the number of replies that this thread has had, or indeed the number of views of it.

    come on, its brittney spears..... get a life!
  23. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    Of course that's false. "Buckets of " no way, unless everyone was drinking beer all day preparing for the event.

    Typically when a photo shoot or music video is scheduled, a permit is needed along w/ Police & traffic control etc. Usually they agree to pay the officers overtime rather than have it come out of the cities budget.
  24. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 672

    That makes 2 of us not believing the number of hits this thread has got :D I guess news is really slow these days.. :(
  25. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    Yeah, but I heard she broke up with Justin so I guess that gives all the ppl reading this thread a chance :grinthumb

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