Moving files in partitioned hard drive

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When we set up our system, it was suggested we partition our hard drive. Now our c/ is so full we can't run scan/defrag. I was told I could just move files from the c/ partition to the empty d/ partition. The ones I can get to move are still showing in the c/ (i'm sure I hit "move" not "copy"). Regardless most of the moves get aborted saying it is being used by another person. we are not networked, but each family member has their own log in. Help please...I'm thinking I'm making this way harder than it needs to be.


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No you cannot move them out of the partition... leastways not easily.
But using a disk manager such as Acronis, you can enlarge the partition(s)... or add drives. We bought some 500GB hard drives today for $51... and 750GB for $63...
Have you thought about adding another hard drive to your existing configuration?
Creating a dual boot to two or more different hard drives?


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well if u are using vista/win7 then u can move many of the user files to other partitions....folders such as my documents , downloads etc can easily be moved and that might help u free up some space on drive C
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Not sure if I have to post a new thread...not sure I want to invest another dime in my old (1998 - now stop laughing...we've made many upgrades) computer, but can't buy a new one at this time. I have nothing in the d/ partition that I need. Is there a way to just remove that partition and give the memory space back to just c/? Or am I looking at either backing up, or wiping out everything on c/ and having to reformat the entire hard drive?
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