Moving the desktop from one partition to another

By Envergure
Dec 21, 2011
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  1. I have a laptop rented from my university (UOIT) which came with Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, and I want to dual-boot Ubuntu. (Yes, I have permission, and I have almost full administrative privilages. There are just a few network settings that I can't edit.)

    This computer came with the hard drive already partitioned roughly in half, into drives C: and D:.
    C: is the boot partition, and also contains the Users, Windows and Program Files folders, among other things.
    D: contains the Desktop, My Music and My Documents folders, among other things, and the Application Data folder.

    I want to move everything to the C: drive and install Ubuntu on what is now the D: drive, but I'm afraid of messing up Windows by moving the Desktop folder.

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