Mozilla previews Thimble, a refreshingly simple HTML coding tool

By Rick
Jun 19, 2012
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  1. With a variety of noteworthy projects already under its belt such as Firefox, Bugzilla and Thunderbird, Mozilla is adding a new one to its lineup named Thimble. The web-based project aims to nurture aspiring web developers by providing an incredibly…

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  2. customcarvin

    customcarvin TS Enthusiast Posts: 103   +8

    Doesn't BlueGriffon (the successor to Kompozer) already do this? And... it's also based on Mozilla's Gecko engine.

    Also, they already have WYSIWYG, (Taken from BlueGriffon website):
    "Because Gecko lives inside BlueGriffon, the document you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox. Advanced users can always use the Source View to hard-code their page."
  3. Can you be more clear.

    How is this different from which everyone uses.
  4. bugejakurt

    bugejakurt TS Booster Posts: 158   +15

    Useful for learning, not useful for anything else...

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