Mozilla releases Flash-checking Firefox 3.5.3

By Justin · 13 replies
Sep 10, 2009
  1. Anyone making use of the Firefox 3.5.x branch will want to snag the latest update, which Mozilla has just pushed out. Firefox 3.5.3 is now available for download and is primarily focused on security and stability. A total of nine bugs marked as “Critical” were taken care of, among a laundry list of 43 total, including some related to memory corruption problems.

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  2. TomSEA

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    Just updated. I kind of like it that they include the Flash check. Annoying while using IE or Chrome to hit a web page and get the "you must download and install the current version of Flash for this page to work" type error.
  3. Yeah, great. Except the flash 10.0.32 plugin doesn't install properly (error opening NPSWF32.dll). Is this a Firefox problem or an Adobe problem? Trying to find a solution and hating both FF and Adobe right now...
  4. Last night I after the upgrade on my notebook I could not view the grid. The listings part was all grey. Using a different browser for the site worked fine. Have to check the desktop tonight.
  5. Wonderful...
    But now Firefox 3.5.3 is crashing repeatedly on GMail.
    Fixed one bug and another pops up?
  6. MOST Irritating, they grab you, lure you in and then doesn't work, Gmail is a key factor in my communications life, and.......................I've gone back to IE & Chrome (not sure about the latter !)
  7. Punkid

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    firefox is awesome
  8. just upgraded to 3.5.3 and does not load; it works fine with IEv7; ran scan for viruses and all clean -- whats up?

    I ended up downloading the test firefox 3.6, which is actually being called Namoroka 3.6 Alpha 1 , to see how it would do. So far, so good.

    Will be using this until the official version comes about.

    Note: A good few of my addons are not compatible with this new BETA version however it is way more stable that I am willing to wait.

  10. adobe flash player is not working on firefox 3.5.3...hopefully they will fix it soon. for now here I go to chrome....
  11. Upgraded to Firefox 3.5.3. Clicking on flash download plugin link takes me to adobe where installing flash just installs some 'release' file and nothing else. Flash still does not work.
  12. Adobe Flash Player 10 not working in Firefox 3.5.3 here either.
    Tried reinstalling firefox and flash player.
    Running Windows 7 x64 RTM.
  13. Think I've encountered the same problem with Flash Player not working correctly but this has led to a worse situation. Shortly after running Flash Player via Firefox 3.5.3 I found that clicking on the 'Restore Down' button (next to minimize button) actually had the effect of filling my screen. Tried removing and re-installing 3.5.3 but same problem... removed again and loaded 3.5.2 now when I click on Mozilla shortcut or program table link nothing happens i.e. Firefox does not load anymore and when I go into Control Panel I cannot REMOVE the program grrrrr. Anyone else out there got this problem??????
  14. I hope Firefox does something because Gmail continue to crash day after days. No problem under Safari or Chrome!
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