Mozilla Thunderbird 8.0, Lightning 1.0 released

By Rick
Nov 8, 2011
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  1. The Mozilla Foundation has officially released Thunderbird 8.0 and Lightning 1.0, their full-featured email and calendar clients, respectively. Mozilla added Thunderbird to their rapid release schedule awhile back, so users…

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  2. go for mozilla...but i have uninstalled all previous versions of firefox and i still have the same issue i had with previous versions of firefox. after a few navigations the connection with firefox times out. this does not happen with chrome, maxthon, or IE, and i simply refuse to use safari.
  3. I appreciate all the work that is done, but after the upgrade to Thunderbird 8.0 my account passwords are gone. Because I installed the first version 2 years ago I have no idea which passwords I used and I'm forced to take immediate action to be able to use email again. You are warned...

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