Mozilla's new browser allows devs to "debug the whole Web"

Justin Kahn

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Mozilla, makers of the well known Firefox browser, have a new web surfer in the works. The company released a short trailer today, teasing the launch of a new developer driven browser. Set for release next week, Mozilla's upcoming browser...

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Bao Nguyen

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Um the best thing Mozilla can do is to help developer debug "all" web on Firefox, how are they gonna guarantee that by using their tool and make it work it will also work on other browsers, especially IE8 and below?

So I guess web developers will still have to use multiple tool if they want to support many browsers.


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You guys keep talking, but as a developer I can safely say that Firefox is the browser you need. The tools the browser has are already very good and when you couple them with Firebug you have a feature complete toolset. You will still need to use other browsers to check for compatibility, but that's not Mozilla's problem, it's ours. IE and Chrome just don't come close to it.


"All I ask is that Mozilla finds a way to prevent THIS SITE IS UNTRUSTED sign."
Huh? Make sure the date and time on your pc is the real date and time and firefox won't think that the web site certificate is from 10 years in the future?
If it isn't related to this then I have no clue what other things you're doing to mess it up.