Keyboard / Mouse MS Keyboard user manual help


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I finally found out why my wireless keyboard didn't work as I mentioned in another thread several months back.
Evidently the USB wifi thingy was in a USB port that didn't work. When I was going thru this thread
I removed it thinking it might be the unknown device.
Anyhow, I've been trying to find the manual for my wireless KB & can't find it.
I'm not sure which number(s) I need. MS PART NO. X820309-001
Serial number or Product ID? Here it is


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Quick start guide opens for me as a multi-language manual.
Yes, true but I'm looking for something showing what certain keys do.
On my other keyboards, its obvious how to do a print screen. I don't see that key on this keyboard.


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You should be able to reference any keyboard for a standard 101/102-key layout. Those keys are always the same.

Slick looking keyboard BTW! :)