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MSN messenger is sending spam, changing profile picture, etc

By chanlao ยท 6 replies
Dec 22, 2011
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  1. At first I thought this to be a malware/virus issue and posted my problem in the Tech Support: Virus and Malware Removal forum. But after being guided through multiple steps and scans on my computer, the logs shared nothing malicious being detected. I was then redirected to post in the Windows forum, hopefully to get some answers.

    Basically my problem is this: Earlier today someone told me that my msn name was changed to "cheerleader" and was sending him spam. I signed in myself to take a look and in fact my name was changed and my profile picture was changed to something inappropriate. So I changed my profile name and picture, changed my password and uninstalled messenger. To see if there was any success, I signed into messenger using my laptop and I found that my name was changed to "Camgirl", my status had a link ("happy holidays!! http://t.co/ZTEngu7"), and my profile picture again was changed. I've warned everybody on my contacts list, but is there something I can do to get rid of this problem permanently? It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm signed in or not; after awhile it will say that I am signed in from 3 places, the unfamiliar being "HOME-PC".

    Could someone please help? Thanks!

    **Something similar has happened before (about 2-3years ago) where I would send spam im's to my friends when I wasn't logged on. But it never changed my profile picture or shared inappropriate status links and updates.**
  2. popdjdysh

    popdjdysh TS Rookie

    Hi I face the exact same problem. This problem only started a few days ago. I search google, no one seems to have much information on it. Any luck so far? Thanks
  3. chanlao

    chanlao TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Well I've posted on the Windows Live Solutions center in hope of getting an answer, but it wasn't very helpful. Basically they told me to change my password, which I already had.

    The problem has stopped, but I'm not sure why. At best you should try to see if there is a malware issue on your computer. I was afraid of having a keylogger because I never gave out my password or any personal information before (I ended up getting Keyscrambler just in case).

    If you end up like me where there's no virus/malware issue, I would say to try changing your password again. When signing in and the third-party is also signed on hit "sign off from everywhere", then try changing your password again and just monitor your account.

    Even though it's stopped happening for me I'm still trying to find a solution; The people at the Windows Live Solution Center told me to do something which I had already done. And there seems to be no definite solution.

    Good luck and tell me how it goes!
  4. gavin7134810

    gavin7134810 TS Rookie

    yah i got taht too, about a few days ago, i tried scanning my computer and found a few viruses, i removed them but the problem got worse. im talking to ppl while that "camgirl" is talking to ppl at the same time, any help on this? thank u so much! :/
  5. grrrProblems

    grrrProblems TS Rookie


    i have been having same problems...so i do have a question.
    it seems like it only happens under my yahoo email msn messager name...
    and i do know when i an in yahoo messager it is full of spamming contacts(bots)

    so everyone here that is having same problem,,,are you all using a yahoo name for your msn as welll?

    because i also notice when i use that email it sings me to both yahoo and msn messager as well..

    so now i am trying to figure out how to stop it from signing me into both places at same time..becuase really i barely have my yahoo messager on anyway,,but it still signs me in...

    anyway that is just something i noticed maybe someone else can figure it out alittle more
  6. CAMusing

    CAMusing TS Enthusiast Posts: 179

  7. pacav69

    pacav69 TS Member Posts: 16

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