Msxm192z.dll problem

By Jamapi10
Nov 12, 2009
  1. Urgent:: Msxm192z.dll problem

    Hey guys. Im no techie so please help!! I got the msxm192z.dll malware and i dunno how to remove it. So i tried hijackthis and found the .dll file. I pressed fix and delete. So the software told me to restart the system when it was deleted. When i did, i only get to see the widows xp loading but not entirely gets to options where i choose my account log in. It kept restarting and restarting. I tried opening it on safe mode but it still doesn't work. What should i do!??
    Please please help!!

    Only thing i could open is boot and system setup. I tried safe mode and open last good known configuration, but i only get black screen and restarts again (goes back to xp logo) Is there any solution so i wont need to reformat my computer? I dont have any back up for my files so i can't afford to reformat it
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