Multimedia Audio Controller Driver Issue - Please Help

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Aug 26, 2004
  1. Cinders

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    I don't know what to tell you. That is the only Windows XP driver available from Intel for the sound chip on your motherboard. I've assumed that you have Windows XP.
  2. shruti

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    No problem...
  3. foxpc123

    foxpc123 TS Rookie

    Media Audio Controller GA-8SIMLNF

    Just a qucik update to this thread - if anyone is looking for a multimedia audio controller for a Packard Bell (labelled NEC Computer), iPRO the driver is also labelled as 'stac97_sis_614013798' from the ipro 2004> product list in the packard bell download link here;

    This driver is for a GA-8SIMLNF Rev 3.1 Motherboard as the realtek driver that giga-byte recommend causes a STOP error on installation

    Thanks for the tips above I have solved my multimedia audio controller driver issue
  4. Markj88

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    aida32 is very useful software for all system info!!!
  5. haghenschlapfte

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    Same problem

    I have the thing where it is looking for the Multimedia Audio whatchamacallit. No sound at all. It was after I had gone through to delete some programs (yup... I'm dumb) so it must have been that.

    I have no CD. I inherited this computer. All I can tell you is that it's a Dell with Pentium 4. Yup, I know NOTHING about computers. So, how do I find out the information needed to find out what driver I need to download off of the net? If you can, explain it to me like I'm nine... or better yet 90 (no offense to the older tech geeks).

    Thank you SO much!

  6. haghenschlapfte

    haghenschlapfte TS Rookie

    Anyone??? Please?
  7. wboyd50

    wboyd50 TS Rookie

    Audio Not Working Solution

    I too had this problem. How I resolved my problem was:

    1. Open you computer (don't be scared... it won't bite)
    2. Take a flash light and look on the mother board to find the make and model of it.
    3. Write that information down.
    4. Go to Google and type in the Make and Model number of your mother board.

    This should take you to a page where you can down load the drivers for your particular mother board. Look for you the audio drivers.

    5. Create a folder on your desktop and down load the drivers to that folder.
    6. Open the folder and look for the set up program. Run the set up program.
    7. Restart your computer.

    Good Luck!! The sound is working just fine!!!
  8. tcdraft

    tcdraft TS Rookie

    I have same problem as everyone else and checked to see what my motherboard is using CPU-Z. This is what I get:

    Manufacturer IBM
    Model IBM
    Chipset Intel i845G Rev. A1
    Southbridge Intel 82801DB (ICH4)

    This means nothing to me, hopefully someone can help me.
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