Multiple bsod during gameplay

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Nov 19, 2009
  1. Hey I'm new around here but I've been banging my head against a brick wall with some of the issues I've been experiencing and here looks like a good place to ask for help.

    My PC Specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 Ghz (hasn't been overclocked)
    Geforce 9800 GTX (Stock speeds)
    4 Gb Ram (or as Vista idenfies it as 3326mb Ram, again hasnt been overclocked)
    Gigabyte - GA-P43-ES3G Motherboard
    Logitech G35 Headphones/Realtek soundcard

    Misc Info:
    -Nothing has been overclocked tbh I don't have the right level of technical expertise to be sure I'd be doing it correctly
    -PC is 8-9 months old
    -Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (Issues were also occuring with SP1)
    -Downloaded new drivers for G35 and graphics card

    My Issue:
    I've been experiencing a multitude of bluescreens generally while playing games. I had experienced a couple of bluescreens on start up (but only after a bluescreen during a game) but this has only happened twice. Lately I've been playing Empire Total War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1) and I can expect a bluescreen to happen pretty regularly while running these. I was previously also experiencing bluescreens running WoW and UT3. But interestingly never when playing Eve-Online which is a resource hog.

    In Total War, I generally get about 2 turns in before a bluescreen crops up. And normally it happens when a npc is about to engage me during the npc's 'turn'.

    In CoD, its harder to pin down but generally seems to happen after about 20-30 minutes.

    With both games, there is a brief hang, goes to bluescreen then the computer restarts. No psychadelic patterns or looping sounds just straight to the bsod.

    Most commonly I get the follow error messages:

    Those are the errors that normally seem to get thrown up on the screen.

    What I have done:
    I've tried downloading new updates for programs that seem to suffer from the bsod plague. New Drivers for the Logitech g35 and graphics card as I suspected these of being the problems.

    I ran a chkdsk and that brought up 0 errors for the harddrive. I have tried changing the priority the programs run under and the affinity but nothing seems to be successful.

    Misc Info:

    I have McAfee running constantly and it gets to scan my computer every few days to make sure everything is clean.

    The computer is located in a well ventilated room and although I haven't monitored the temperatures. I don't initially suspect that to be cause of the errors.

    I am honestly at a loss, I'm not able to pinpoint the problem and the dumpfiles/error codes mean little to my untrained eyes. I'm at a complete loss as to what the issue is.

    On a sidenote, I apparently have the latest available nvidia drivers successfully installed but when the installation program completed it stated no system files had been changed. Although the dxdiag disagrees with that.

    I'm just completely bemused and probably in over my head when it comes to finding a solution. I have attached a few dmp files but I could probably attach a whole lot more :|.

    I have tried this, confirmed that the drivers had been uninstalled, restarted and installed the latest. Same message but the driver did update.

    I'll try this out overnight -- memtest just won't co-operate and I can't seem to get it onto a CD, but sfc /scannow doesn't throw up any errors.

    Anyway thanks for the help so far :).

    I have done this and since then I haven't had a single bluescreen related to usbaudio or similar. But the bluescreens have continued again only when playing games but now I get this

    'The DMA Subsystem has detected an illegal DMA operation initiated by
    a driver being verified. The faulty driver must be replaced with a
    working version. '

    '0x000000E6 '

    I have downloaded radarsync to see what that says about my drivers.
  2. mailpup

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    Are you installing the new graphics driver on top of the existing graphics driver? Try uninstalling the existing driver from Add and Remove Programs, restart and then install the new one.
  3. scuzzo

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    You have multiple problems here, most look like they are in the kernel or bad RAM.
    are all flagged as problem children. First download and run memtest86 to make sure your memory is good, if that doesn't work try
    sfc /scannow in a command prompt window as an administrator.
  4. Route44

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    All your error codes are 0xD1 and these are usually caused by drivers and sometimes by faulty or mismatched RAM. Three of the four are Windows OS drivers and they are usually too general to be of much help.

    The one driver cited as a probable cause is Rtlh86.sys is a RealTek Adapter Driver for Networking, etc. Update through your motherboard manufacturer's website the drivers for your RealTek or possibly through RealTek itself but my experience has been people have better luck through their motherboard's updates.

    * Also, a definite yes on what scuzzo and mailpup suggests.
  5. Faolchu

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    accidental new post :(
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