Multiple monitor problem with HDMI cable

By miwinast
Jul 22, 2010
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  1. Hello.

    For a long time I have used a multiple monitor with a hdmi cable. A TV in my room, so i can watch movies from my computer on the TV. I also set the TV-monitor to default sound device so the sound would come from the TV and not the PC speakers.

    Suddenly it just stopped working... So i first tried changing the hdmi cable without any luck.

    - then i tried connecting my xbox 360 to the TV to check if the input to the tv was broken. but it worked perfectly.
    - then i tried connecting the pc to my pc screen with hdmi to see if the hdmi output was broken. this worked perfectly.
    - then i got a new TV and it worked ok, but with minor problems..

    there are 2 problems

    1. When i only have the desktop showing the screen is perfectly still.. but when i watch a movie there is a little flickering on the screen...

    2. When using the tv as default playback device for sound it goes on it of... for example when listening to music the music plays for 20 seconds, then stops for a second or two.. then repeat...

    Anyone know what the problem might be? some settings probably? i kinda spend most of my spare time watching film on the tv... but this problem keeps stopping me... :-(

    hope someone has a good answer for me.. and please write in a language i understand (im not a computer expert) :)

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