Multiple system images on small external HD (Win 7 Home Premium)

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May 12, 2011
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  1. My ext HD is 160GB; 30% (Windows 7 B&R default max size available for storing images on an ext HD) is thus 48GB, my images are ~35GB, so I can only get one image onto my ext HD. I'd like to get two (new one + most recent). How can I do that? Is there a place in the registry, for ex, where I can change 30% to 50%?
  2. gbhall

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    I suspect Win7 is not allowing too much space for backup simply to ensure enough room remains for normal expansion of system and data. The ideal answer is a second internal HDD (not USB attached) and use that as backup. You will possibly find the OS allows the whole drive to be used in that case.

    It does seem a little odd to have such a limit on an external drive, but then nobody ever said MS was an expert systems company did they?
  3. Palex

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    gbhall.......I agree with everything you say, but Win7 B&R cannot work with two ext HDs. One has to be designated the backup, and that's all B&R will work with (a second drive can be used for general storage, but not as part of B&R); M$ has begun to acknowledge this via their MVPs. I just don't understand why one would "hardwire" what should be a variable (30% in this case).
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    Better read what I said again. I specifically said a second internal drive, not a second external. You are saying an internal drive cannot be used as a B&R drive, which (a) I rather doubt and (b) if true would make B&R a completely unacceptable application which I would not use.

    There are many better alternatives, some paid, some free. I suggest you ignore MS own software, which historically and up to the present is fairly useless. Personally I use Acronis.
  5. Palex

    Palex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    gbhall....whoops, I stand corrected...I've been so focussed on ext drives. I probably will go the route of 3rd party s/w as well. Thnx.

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