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Sep 2, 2008
  1. Whenever I have inserted a cd in a drive and selected explore, I have been able to see the file type. I bought a cd, karaoke style -- for all practical purposes here -- and when I inserted the CD I only found pdf files which hold the sheet music. I always make a copy of these cds in case one becomes damaged. On two computers I was completely surprised that I could see nothing except the PDF files. Is there a way to see the music files?
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    Purhaps you did not buy a CD with music on it. It may be a karaoke cd that gives you sheet music to some popular songs to let them play and sing it yourself (thus the karaoke).

    I cant think of anything else because if thats ALL thats on the disk then the obove situation is accurate in my opinion
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    I've been listening to the cd
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    Ok. Then the disk plays in other things but does not read the music files in the pc. Try and right click the file and select to have Windows Media Player or any other media player open the file and see what happens.

    Better yet maybe dont even go to explore. Click on something that says 'rip songs with windows media player' and see if it gives you the wma files for the songs

    If that doesnt work then im not sure man did you try and put it in another computer?
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  6. sussertown

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    First of all, I'm not sure we're all on the same page. The CD plays on two machines. It also containes pdf files, which are separate from the music files. The files play and they burn, but I can't see them. I've never seen the before. I usually see some kind of cxx file types on a cd.
  7. InsaneVr6

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    Then you cant see them. If the CD plays the songs on multiple machines, then the disk was written so you cant see the songs (for copyright purposes i guess). Its not stopping you from playing the songs it seems so theres really no problem here.
  8. sussertown

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    If there's no problem, then why did I post to this board?
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    Because you think there is a problem and you want it solved. That is why you posted. Based the information you gave nothing is wrong. What you are calling a problem seems to just be the way the disk is written so people dont see the actual music files but are free to use them.

    If you can play them in CD players, Computers, etc, and there is no problem druing playback...then thats just it. No Problem.

    I understand that you want to know why you can only see the pdf's. Its probobly a privacy concern for the producer of that particular CD and decided to have the disk written in a way where the files are invisible, but usable.
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