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My audio is different now. Also, Wireless headphone help

By Kattayle
Jul 7, 2013
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  1. So, just this morning I found a pair of Sylvania wireless headphones at Half Price Books. I unplugged my old speakers and replaced them with the new one, put batteries in everything, but when I tried to get it to connect to my computer sound, the only things it would connect to were some radio stations and static. So, for my first question, does anyone know what I should do for those?

    Anyway, after I decided that they weren't going to work, I decided to switch back to my old speaker and earbud combo. So I plugged the speakers into the computer and the power strip. I tested out the sound with a the Nyan Cat video on Youtube (because I always use that one for trying out headphones), and I could hear like I usually do, but now there's a very loud buzzing sound in both of my headphones, and there was only very light static before. Was I supposed to do anything different when connecting them? They're Inland speakers.

    I also had Realtek Audio manager pop up when I connected them, and I don't really know what I should do with that.


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