My computer can't detect the keyboard

By Raymundo
Nov 23, 2008
  1. I'm trying to put together a system but when i boot my computer can't detect the keyboard. i have tested keyboards that work on a different computer but the results are the same. the only way i can connect the keyboard to the computer , is thru a usb port. i have read that sometimes the jumpers have to be reset in order to enable the usb ports.
    can somebody tell me how the jumpers are reset, how do they look and how are they manipulated.
    what precautions do i need to take in order to reset them.
    thank you for your help
  2. CCT

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    Just tell us what motherboard you have! Or, RTFM!

  3. Murumbmol

    Murumbmol TS Rookie

    Keyboard error messages during POST?

    during reboot when you came up with the POST screen, did you see any similar messages like "...keyboard error...", and it comes to a halt? If so, your keyboard input port is functioning accept that it indicates the keyboard is not connected, or is not properly connected, since the test is not detecting the device. however, if there is no similar messages as stated then there might be a hardware probelm with the keyboard port at the back of your PC.
  4. Raymundo

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    thank you for your answers.

    my keboard works fine on anoter pc.
    it seems that the problem resides with the USB to PS/2 adaptor.
    I connected my home computer's keyboard using the adaptor
    and it did not work
    I'm not sure if USB PS/2 adaptors should work instantly or if one needs to have drivers or some sort of it installed in the computer.
    I will exchange this adaptor and hope that the new one works fine.
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