My computer has slowed down and I suspect it is the fan

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May 16, 2008
  1. Hi, my computer has slowed down a great deal since I got it, and I am pretty sure it is the fan. I have the program "Speedfan" and it is reading the temp of my local temp goes as high as 45 or so, but the remote temp shoots up into the 50's doing just simple tasks with only one program running. The problem is my computer has quite a few fans, so I have no idea of how to figure out which fan it is I need to replace. I have a Compaq Evo W4000. Just let me know what specs you need and I can let you know, as I am unsure of what you would need. I don't want to have to go replacing all the fans just because I don't know which needs replaced. Thanks alot in advance for any help, I appreciate it.
  2. raybay

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    Those temperatures are not high. Many processors are normal at 65 C.
    There is usually not a relationship between the fan and computer performance speed...
    What often cause slowness are inadewuate memory for handling all the changes from downloads and installs; a failing hard drive; too many processess going on in the back ground... to name a few.
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    I have a gig of RAM and a pentium 4 two ghz processor. I havn't really added anything new lately. I had a virus (wimad), and some spyware, but I cleaned all that up and my computer is still functioning at the same speed. The only processes going on is norton, and that has been running since i got the computer, and my computer has slowed since then. Any suggestions? Thanks again
  4. HughJass

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    First suggestion

    It is the worst program to plague the computer industry second only to a virus.
    In fact, I would rather have certain viruses instead of having norton installed

    see one reason why in this sticky

    To replace norton get AVG,
    Anyone that knows anything about computers will probably have AVG installed

    Secondly, defrag your computer
    Start> All Programs> Accessories> System tools > Disk defragmenter

    Thirdly, watch for my "Essential computer maintence programs" post
    Im working on it now :)
  5. mikeaaron33

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    Thanks for that link to that article, I sent that to my family and friends so they can see for themselves rather than just listening to me rant
  6. raybay

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    AVG is now crippled. True you can still download AVG Antivirus, but no longer AVG antispyware or AVG Root Kit. On June 1, updates will no longer be available.
    Beginning July 1, AVG AV will not longer be available for download.
    There remain a few good free AntiVirus Programs such as AVast... but no longer any real good free Antispyware programs that I know of...
  7. HughJass

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    Are you sure? no more updates?! link?

    we still have Spybot as anti spyware, it is really good.\

    @ mikeaaron
    I to should send it to my friends and family. it seems every single person who doesn't know anything about computers has Norton installed.

    btw I like your avatar :p
  8. raybay

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    Spybot removes common spyware and cookies pretty well. But it is totally ineffective against anything difficult or dangerous. I challenge you to find even one good review by anybody who studies such things.
    Adaware 2007 on the other hand, isn't bad.
    Norton has high reviews, but they don't get the difficult stuff either, and the Symantec operation is crooked, with the hundreds of millions of dollars in Sales. McAfee is similar.

    I expect that some day we will discover that much of the malware is put there so that big firms can make a huge profit. Hard to see what value creating evildoer infestations has for anybody otherwise... except to make money.
  9. HughJass

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    Its interesting to think that anti virus companies WANT people to make viruses. they would be screwed otherwise.
    They also rely on insecure operating systems. I think we will see the end of anti virus companies in the near future
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