My computer is on but cant go to bios or windows

Hi everyone..

Can someone help me to fix my pc? So I've had a pc for over than 5 years

My spec is:
-intel i7 3770
- corsair vengance 8gb(2x4)
- msi z77a gd65
-zotac gtx 1060 6gb
-seasonic s12ii 620bronze
-1 ssd 128gb
-2 harddrive 1tb and 4tb

I'm using my pc for editing video and photo and I used it since I was in college, everything has running fine since the 1st time I build it, and upgraded my gpu, but lately I have this issue, usually after I shutdown and off for couple hours to a day off, my pc wont pass through the boot screen, everything is powered up but the led code shows a couple of code and it keeps looping with the exact same code, it wont continue to bios screen or even to windows.
No signal on my monitor, my keyboards and mouse doesnt work and no lights on them, but all of fan on my pc and fan case are working fine... I tried many method from exchanging ram slot, using one ram, unplug all hdd, unplug gpu, reseating the cpu even clear the cmos and changin battery. It stays on but nothing happened, the code on motherboard led display keeps looping from 19 15 55 72 99 9b and back to 19 again..

Can somebody tell me what happened? Is any of my hardware is failing or my motherboard failure.. please help me.. thank you

Cycloid Torus

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Since I do not have your motherboard manual, I can't determine meaning of the LED report. If you do not have it, download from maker's website.