My Computer keeps shutting down and freezing

By Ladybug91 · 4 replies
Mar 7, 2015
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  1. I just got my laptop back from the computer repair shop (they are HIGHLY reputable company, my family have been using them for 30+ years so I trust them) , I have a brand-new fan because it was shutting down from overheating because the fan was bad. So I know this isn't from overheating. When I turned it on for the first time from getting it back (from replacing that fan) it was acting normal. However, after a few minutes it acted like it turned itself off and brought me to the screen "you computer was not shut down properly" - fine. I restarted it properly that didn't help it did it again. Then after that happened again, as you can see I was looking up the problem on it and this happened to the screen, now I can't get past the welcome screen. -_- Is it my motherboard or my screen, or something else? (Sorry if I have this in the wrong section)

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  2. bazz2004

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    Distorted graphics usually indicates that the graphics chip which is soldered onto the motherboard is faulty (possibly through overheating). Replacing the motherboard is likely to be expensive and for most laptops it’s not worth doing. I’d go back to the repair shop and see if they confirm that this is so.
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  3. Ladybug91

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    Ugh -_- that is what I was afraid of. We didn't have money for new laptops and this wasn't a problem before so I took it in for repairs. I hope it isn't that chip. But it probably is....*sigh*
  4. Tmagic650

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    It depends on what you paid for the laptop. Laptops have come down in price, but so have their quality. So I think a motherboard replacement might be more reasonable than buying a new laptop, unless yours is over 4 years old
  5. bazz2004

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    Good point. It also depends on the make of laptop. I have taken a couple of Sony Vaios apart and they are challenging whereas I found that a Dell had been sensibly designed with maintenance in mind. That's going to make a difference to a repair cost. It's likely that Windows 10 will see a new range of attractive laptops come to market so making older stuff last is worth considering.

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