Build a PC My computer lags a semingly random intevals i.e after restart / or 2 days later.


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The only other symptom is a screwed up mouse cursor which sometimes has a rainbow hue and looks like a vertical line with two arrows pointing up and down on each end respectively, I forget the name of the cursor icon (the same one to change the size of program windows when you hover of the edge/corner) Games take forever to load but will run smoothly once they are opened. Sometimes it happens minutes after a complete shutdown and restart sometimes it takes a few days to reappear and may go away without any intervention at all. I ran memtest86 overnight (because of the slow loading of games) and I removed all my Nvidia drivers and ran DriverSweeper then reinstalled just the graphics driver (reason being the only significant change I made to my PC that I am aware of was I installed "The Ge-force experience" program from the Nvidia website. I have had problems with Maleware before which were solved and this new problem didn't appear until months after.