My Dell Optiplex GX520 has the dreaded flashing amber light

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Oct 14, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Here is my computer specs:
    DELL Optiplex GX520
    Windows XP Professional

    This is my first time here... here is the issue... my friend gave me his computer for me to fix it. I replaced the hdd, I also reinstall the OS (Windows XP recovery disk used). Everything was fine and I let it stand there for a couple of days... maybe a week. After that I decided to get everything ready by connecting the remaining devices and closing the chassis. The computer started to show the blinking amber light. I opened the chassis again, disconnected everything and connect them one by one without luck. I also reset the battery, and changed the jumpers to the opposite ones (I inserted the pin in one side and it showed a steady amber light, in the other jumper a blinking amber light. I also switched the power surge from on to off a couple of times. The usb ports seem okay (I also removed all of my usb devices including the mouse and keyboard). The power supply was tested and it works, I also bought another ssf power supply (from Ebay... it was the same power supply by the same manufacturer, same watts and just identical). It stay with the flashing light. I don't think is the motherboard since the mobo's light is and when I replaced it with a normal power supply it works perfectly. So I don't know what's wrong... I don't think the hardware is wrong since it work with one of my power supply's from my other computer. The problem is that there is not way for me to install a normal power supply, it would be too big for the chassis... It won't fit....
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    i have the exact same problem, with the exact same pc, did you come to any soloution?
  3. ra1n

    ra1n TS Rookie

    if you came up with a solution please email me at Ra1nn@ ymail.comthanks!
  4. stlled

    stlled TS Rookie

    optiplex gs520 oarnge light issue

    Im havign a issue with the power light on my comp. It flashes oarnge and will do nothing I have seen post pointign to everything in the computer. If I unplug the computer for around 15 min then plug it back in it will work for half hour and then shut off with the oarnge light flashing, Im thinkign power supply but just wanting a second opinion.
  5. pjamme

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